Crochet flowers aren’t just for springtime. They’re for all year long. Add them to your gift packaging, make them into bigger projects and just have fun with them. They always bring a smile to the face. So, with that in mind, here are more than thirty new flower and floral crochet patterns for you to enjoy!

crochet bullion stitch flower

Crochet bullion stitch flower free pattern from @bhookedcrochet. What a great use of this amazing under-utilized stitch.

crochet flowers

Crochet flowers scrap scarf free pattern from Atty’s. Use this free crochet pattern to make the scarf or as a starting point for any crochet flower project you’ve got in mind!

crochet flower pattern

Easy chunky free crochet flower pattern. This is a really simple crochet pattern that’s just three rounds but it has a unique look because it’s a five-strand crochet project.

crochet sunflower free pattern

Crochet sunflower free pattern (+ designer interview with Betseymakes) via LoveCrochet

sunflower brooch crochet pattern

Sunflower brooch crochet pattern for sale from Outstanding Crochet; it’s amazing how many different styles of crochet sunflowers there are and each one is as beautiful as the last!

crochet flower pattern

Crochet flower free pattern from Little Treasures, showing instructions for how to read the pattern from a chart, so that you can learn that skill while also making this lovely little crochet flower. This one works great as a coaster!

crochet flower for camera

Free crochet flower pattern for camera lens from The Shtick I Do! These are used when photographing children because it helps to make them smile and look right at the camera. But they also just dress up your camera in a fun way!

crochet flower fairy light pattern

Crochet flower fairy light pattern for sale from A Bag Full of Crochet. What a great way to decorate any home!

crochet pearl flower brooch free pattern

Crochet pearl flower brooch free pattern from The Woolnest. Put a pearl in the center of any crochet flower pattern and it immediately elevates it!

five flowers crochet necklace pattern

Five flowers crochet necklace tutorial from Craftbits for another example of pearl crochet. You could also replace these pearls with buttons for a different look.

rose crochet mandala free pattern

Rose mandala doily free crochet pattern from BellaCrochet; see 40+ more crochet mandala patterns here. Make just the crochet flower here or go ahead and make the whole doily!

crochet flower square pattern

Blooming flower square free crochet pattern from Rescued Paw. Flowers inside of squares are a great choice because they can be easily joined into scarves, blankets and other big projects. You can alternate the color like you see here to create a consistent but creative design.

flower granny square free crochet pattern

Flower granny square free crochet pattern from Stitch Craft Create. This version of a floral crochet project is brightly colored to look like a magical garden!

flower square crochet free pattern

Flower square crochet pattern free from RedAgape. There are just a few simple rounds here and you’ve got a floral crochet square to work with.

crochet square pattern

Crochet flower square free pattern from Suz Place. The flowers inside of these squares are so unique. I love the open design! This one would be great to make a crochet curtain!

flower granny square free crochet pattern

Granny Square Flower free crochet pattern from ByHaafner. This one is worked in great retro-ish neutral colors but imagine all of the different blankets that you could make by working with a variety of palettes!

crochet blanket pattern

Desert in Bloom crochet blanket pattern for sale from The Lazy Hobbyhopper. It’s really unique to see a brown border for crochet blankets and it really works here with the theme of flowers in the desert!

crochet tote pattern

Strawflower hexagon tote free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux. Flower inside squares are common; flowers inside hexagons are unique!

plarn gift bag flower pattern

Plarn crochet gift bag with flower free pattern from Plastic Bag Crafts. Add a flower to a bag and make your plastic a treasure!

crochet flower doily free pattern

Dorothy’s Roses free crochet flower doily pattern from BellaCrochet. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

crochet flower shawl free pattern

Crochet flower shawl free pattern with symbol chart and photo tutorial. Instructions in English and Dutch from Atty’s blog.

flower power baby blanket
flower power baby blanket

New crochet flower blanket pattern for sale from Cherry Heart – super simple flowers laid out in rows to make a terrific blanket.

cherry blossom crochet cozy free pattern

Cherry Blossoms Binder Cover free pattern from @crochetspot; see more cherry blossom crochet patterns here

how to crochet a floral wall hanger

Floral crochet wall art tutorial from The Little Treasures. Make a longer version to hang in a doorway or over a window!

crochet slouch hat free pattern

Sunflower slouch hat free crochet pattern by Em’s Corner for Happily Hooked. Flowers are often added on to hats but here it’s the basis of the design.

crochet hat pattern

Free crochet flower hat pattern from Not Your Average Crochet; a great example of how a flower added on to a hat makes a big impact.

crochet booties pattern

Floral crochet baby booties pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey. Such cuteness! And you could also make a bunch of those little flowers to use as appliqués or even just to fill a bowl for a gorgeous decoration!

mori lariat crochet pattern

Romantic Mori Lariat crochet pattern for sale from Maya of Little Treasures – sophisticated, romantic and wonderful.

crochet purse pattern

Crochet flower purse pattern for sale form Outstanding Crochet; lace adds even more romance!

filet crochet flower vest

Filet crochet flower vest pattern for sale from Alessandra of Just Be Happy Crochet. The flower here is worked through filet graphics.

crochet flower motif art

Crochet flower motif art tutorial from Wallflower Gal. Use any flower design at all to create art for your home!

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