70+ Best New 2015 Crochet Patterns to Purchase

Support your indie crochet designers by purchasing a pattern today. Here are some of the hottest 2015 crochet patterns for sale.

See my previous roundup of the first set of 44 2015 crochet patterns for sale here!

Crochet Clothing Patterns

Clothing crochet patterns for both children and adults …

crochet halter

Cherry blossom crochet halter corset pattern for sale from @crochetkitten who provides a related tutorial for working with boning. Smart stuff here!

crochet boho vest pattern for sale

Fringed crochet boho vest pattern for sale from Outstanding Crochet, a terrific option for autumn!

crochet jacket

Crochet jacket pattern by Doris Chan for sale through WEBS

crochet tank pattern

Twisted tank silk sari yarn crochet pattern for sale from Glamour4You; what a great use of silk sari yarn!

chevron crochet cardigan pattern

Madrona chevron crochet cardigan pattern for sale from Rohn Strong

crochet cardi pattern

Zara Sleeveless Crochet Cardigan pattern for sale from @monpetitviolon; what an adorable option for little girls!

crochet dress pattern

Crochet dress pattern also  for sale from Mon Petit Violon; all of her patterns make great gift items for children!

crochet sweater

Striped eyelet wrap sweater crochet pattern for sale @crochetspot – a versatile easy-to-make sweater option!

crochet bolero pattern

Crochet bolero pattern by Doris Chan for sale @websyarn; a fun variation on granny square crochet!

Crochet Accessories Patterns

There are so many different types of accessories to crochet!

crochet purse pattern

Crochet purse pattern for sale from Outstanding Crochet; I love the vintage-inspired floral design here!

mori lariat crochet pattern

Romantic Mori Lariat crochet pattern for sale from Maya of Little Treasures – flirty and feminine!

1920 Pearl Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern 3

1920s scalloped pearl crochet cloche hat pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey; a perfect choice for anyone dressing vintage for a themed party but also totally wearable the rest of the time too!

crochet cowl hat free pattern

4-in-1 hat/cowl convertible crochet pattern for sale from ACCROchet – so many options for wearing this one item!

crochet typhoon hat pattern

Tribal Typhoon Toque crochet hat pattern for sale from Glamour 4 You

crochet hat pattern

Crochet hat pattern for sale from Mamachee

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet pi shawl pattern for sale from Rohn Strong

granite and quartz crochet shawl pattern

Granite & Quartz crochet shawl pattern for sale from ACCROchet

crochet shawl pattern

Lattice bud crochet shawl pattern for sale from @sandracherryhrt

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet shawl pattern for sale from @elkstudio_

hopeful honey crochet pom scarf pattern

Crochet pom scarf pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey

crochet wrap pattern

Crochet wrap pattern for sale from Illuminate Crochet – cute and cozy!

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet shawl pattern for sale from crochetbyfaye

crochet bag pattern

Summer bag crochet pattern for sale from @JBHcrochet that can be used all year long since it’s so stylish!

crochet beach backpack

Crochet beach backpack pattern for sale @gleefulthings; this one also makes a great hands-free market bag!

crochet barefoot sandals pattern

Barefoot sandals crochet pattern for sale from Little Treasures; as the weather gets warmer you can wear these with heels for a great decorative look!

crochet booties pattern

Floral crochet baby booties pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey

crochet hat pattern

New crochet hat pattern for sale from Akua Lezli Hope

crochet silk sari scarf pattern

Silk sari yarn crochet scarf pattern for sale from @jbhcrochet – another great option for this unique yarn!

crochet cowl with buttons pattern for sale

Charlie Crochet Cowl pattern for sale from Rescued Paw. The great buttons give this cowl a terrific rustic wintery feeling.

crochet shawl pattern

Whispering Flowers crochet infinity scarf pattern for sale from crochetbird

crochet cowl pattern

One skein crochet cowl pattern for sale from @poetryinyarn; this is one to bookmark as a last minute gift option!

crochet handwarmer pattern

Beautiful thread crochet handwarmer pattern for sale from Mamachee

crochet necklace pattern

Crochet flower necklace pattern for sale from The Little Treasures; she always has the best jewelry designs!

crochet bookbag

Crochet bookbag pattern for sale from @crochetspot – perfect for students of all ages

crochet bracelet pattern

Crochet bracelet pattern for sale from Outstanding Crochet

crochet cuff pattern

Crochet cuff pattern for sale from Little Treasures

crochet earrings pattern

Pineapple motif crochet earrings pattern for sale from The Little Treasures

crochet collar pattern

Vintage Irish Crochet Collar pattern for sale via Outstanding Crochet

Crochet Blanket Patterns

crochet blanket pattern

Abacus blanket crochet pattern for sale from @feltedbutton, one of my very favorite blanket designers as you’ll see here!

crochet blanket pattern

Cornucopia crochet blanket pattern for sale from Amanda’s Crochet Blanket Adventures – always so impressed by her color play!

crochet blanket pattern chevrons

10 chevron crochet patterns including this Chevron 2.0 blanket from BabyLoveBrand via Craftsy

crochet blanket pattern

Kaleidoscope Eyes crochet blanket pattern for sale from @feltedbutton

crochet square

13″ and 20″ crochet square patterns for new blanket pattern for sale from @spincushions

crochet blanket pattern

Plaited throw crochet blanket pattern for sale from @feltedbutton

flower power baby blanket

New crochet blanket pattern for sale from Cherry Heart

crochet sheep blanket

C2C crochet sheep graphgan blanket pattern for sale from @repeatcrafterme who has been making a variety of these graphgan blankets in different designs!

crochet blanket pattern

Hexagon flower crochet blanket pattern for sale from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

crochet prism blanket pattern

Prism blanket crochet pattern for sale from @feltedbutton

crochet blanket pattern

Color Reel crochet blanket pattern for sale from @feltedbutton

crochet blanket pattern

New crochet blanket pattern for sale from @spincushions who recently opened a pattern shop filled with lovely free and paid patterns

Crochet Patterns for the Home

crochet rug pattern

Radiance floor rug crochet pattern for sale from @spincushions – any home would look more elegant with this on the floor!

crochet ottoman pattern

Adjustable crochet ottoman pouf pattern for sale from Crochet Spot

crochet basket pattern

Crochet basket pattern for sale from @gleefulthings – one of my favorite 2015 designs!

crochet fox cushion pattern

Fox cushion crochet pattern for sale by Little Doolally via LoveCrochet – so cute!

crochet towel set patterns

Crochet towel set patterns for sale from @moogly; another great item to make as a gift for others

crochet washcloth pattern

Water lily washcloth crochet pattern for sale via Crackers in Bed

crochet pillow pattern

Patchwork crochet pillow pattern for sale from Wood and Wool Stool

crochet scrubbie patterns

Crochet square scrubbie pattern set for sale from @crochetspot

nautical coasters

Nautical coasters crochet pattern set for sale @crochetspot

tunisian crochet laptop sleeve pattern

Tunisian crochet laptop sleeve pattern for sale from RSS Designs

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns


Armadillo crochet pattern by @planetjune

crochet cat pattern

Amigurumi crochet kitten pattern for sale from All So Cute

crochet monkey pattern

Amigurumi crochet monkey pattern for sale from All So Cute

crochet bunny pattern

Strawberry bunny crochet pattern for sale from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

daisy girl crochet doll pattern

Daisy Girl crochet doll pattern for sale from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

crochet octopus pattern

Crochet octopus pattern for sale from Fresh Stitches

crochet guinea pig

Baby guinea pigs crochet pattern for sale from @planetjune

crochet ami dogs pattern for sale

Crochet ami dogs patterns also for sale from Planet June

zen cat crochet

Neko No Unchi crochet kit and pattern for sale from @CrochetKitten

sponge bob crochet patterns

Sponge Bob and Patrick crochet patterns for sale from All So Cute

And More

crochet pencil case

Pencil case crochet monster pattern for sale from @JBHcrochet

striped crochet baby set

Striped baby set patterns available in both knit and crochet for sale from Melody’s Makings


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