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Here is the next of the beautiful, inspiring, special contributions coming in to the #MandalasForMarinke remembrance project. I am grateful for each and every amazing contribution. You are invited to join; learn more here.

Beautiful Crochet Mandalas

Alissa Beverly's Crochet Mandalas For Marinke

These two exquisite crochet mandalas have a pink hue in common that celebrates brightness and pops in such a pretty way. The smaller mandala has a bolder pink that complements the purple and green in that one while the other mandala is rich in pink and white with pops of sunny yellow.

Meet the Maker

Alissa Beverly's Crochet MandalasForMarinke

Alissa Beverly (@akbeverly on Twitter, Lisa Hodges Beverly on Facebook) shares:

“I live in a small town in South Georgia. I found Marinke’s blog about a year ago and have followed her since then.

I, too, have suffered from depression. A lot of my family has, too. My grandfather committed suicide when I was 14 years old, so I feel for her family.

Depression is a horrible illness.

Alissa's Crochet MandalasForMarinke

I hope that the outpouring of love from people who never even met Wink touches her family and gives them a little comfort.

I only knew Wink through her blog. She shared so much of herself with us, though, that I feel like I have lost a lifelong friend. We love you Wink. I am so sorry to have lost you to the darkness that consumed you. We will never forget you. We hope that this show of support may save someone else.”

Words by Wink

Alissa's Crochet Mandalas For Marinke

Here’s how Wink described her Picot Mandala:

Alissa's Crochet Mandalas For Marinke Contribution

“Flowers are blossoming and sun is here to stay, let’s celebrate with a beautiful new mandala design! Inspired by flower petals, blossoms, summer and all things that are good in life, this mandala looks great on your wall or as a coaster or potholder.”

About Depression

Crochet Mandalas for Marinke by Alissa Beverly

One purpose of this project is to raise awareness about depression so each post will end with some facts, thoughts or quotes about depression, suicide and/or mental health. Here is a quote for today:

“There is no point treating a depressed person as though she were just feeling sad, saying, ‘There now, hang on, you’ll get over it.’ Sadness is more or less like a head cold- with patience, it passes. Depression is like cancer.” – Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees

You’ll find this in a roundup of 19 Quotes That Explain Depression by Koty Neelis.

Crochet MandalasforMarinke by Alissa Beverly

All contributions to Mandalas for Marinke are welcome and will help raise awareness about depression while honoring her work in the same way that this great contribution has done today. Details to join here.


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  1. Melody Lema Reply

    Thank you, I had never heard of Wink, but her comment about depression is like a cancer is so correct. I have chronic depression, and some days I have to bargain with myself to stay safe. There are days when the only safe place for me is my bed. I make a deal, I won’t hurt myself as long as I stay on my bed. I was first diagnosed in 1976, did antidepressants, and I learned to survive, not live. In 1984 I started therapy, and it wasn’t a good match between me and the therapist. I made an attempt, and was hospitalized. That helped me find antidepressants that worked better, and it was the beginning of 10 years of therapy. I am currently using two antidepressants, check in with my Doctor once or twice a year, as needed. But the depression is always there. It never goes away, it is never cured. Just some days are better than others.

    • Kathryn Reply

      I completely understand what you are going through. I don’t believe that chronic depression (at least in my case) gets cured but instead goes into remission, with sometimes better than others. It sounds like you have developed a strong set of coping skills and a support system to help you. Huge Hugs.

  2. jodiebodie Reply

    When you mentioned ‘remission’ I have to link that word with ‘reminder’ that, as you said, these chronic conditions never really go away. After just one instance of severe illness, one is forever vulnerable. It is important to remind oneself that remission is a time to maintain self-care and be vigilant to early signs of relapse. Instead of thinking, “I’m fine, no worries” and carry on like before, one must make the daily effort to do the best for ourselves. Sometimes it is easy and other times it is hard work requiring a lot of self discipline. Even though symptoms might be gone, it is still a daily battle to keep them at bay and that takes energy which is why it is so important to get enough sleep, rest and nutrition and not overdo things.
    I wish you all the best to get well and stay well.

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