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Earlier this year I shared several beautiful craft books from CICO Books including Fairytale Crochet and Crochet Dress-Up. I can’t believe that their Fall Catalog is already out but I’m excited to see two terrific new crochet books in their lineup along with a couple of other craft books that I’m already enjoying.

crochet books 2015

1. Big Hook Crochet

First up is Big Hook Crochet by Emma Friedlander-Collins, who was also the author of Crochet Dress-Up, which I really enjoyed earlier this year. The same magical feeling that was in the other book is spotted here in the charming introduction the author has written for this title.

big hook crochet

Big Hook Crochet is a perfect choice for people who are going to do holiday crafting this year. That’s because the big hooks allow these projects to work up really quickly, and we all know that we tend to fall behind on getting those Christmas gifts ready in time!

Big Hook Crochet has 35 crochet patterns (which is a good number for a crochet book) that are divided into two general categories: wearables and home. In the wearables you’ll find crochet patterns for cowls and scarves, hats, jewelry and shoes, as well as a couple of extras like an adorable set of crochet accessories for your bicycle. In the home section are baskets, blankets, bolsters, bench covers and more. There are also several crochet rugs that are really fun, including a crochet owl rug and a crochet Sugar Skull rug.

2. Modern Granny Square Crochet and More

granny square and chevron crochet blanket

The second crochet book in this season’s collection is Modern Granny Square Crochet and More by Laura Strutt. Surprisingly, this second book also has 35 crochet patterns (so if you get both of CICO’s fall crochet books you’ll have 70 patterns to carry you through to their next set of releases!) Most of them are based on classic granny square crochet but there are also several patterns that aren’t granny-based, so it’s a great set of options here.

granny crochet cushion

The crochet patterns in this book are separated into three categories: Pillows and Afghans, Finishing Touches and Wearables. Finishing Touches has some of my favorite crochet patterns including wall art, bunting, doilies and an adorable lampshade cover. The other two categories also have tons of great things to choose from, though. If you’re a fan of the modern take on the crochet granny then this is a book you’ll probably want to add to your personal library.

3. Dress Your Tech

Perhaps the cutest book in the collection is Dress Your Tech by Lucy Hopping. Sticking with the theme here, this book has 35 different projects in it.

This is a multi-craftual book with patterns of all sorts and only a little bit of crochet, but the crochet that’s in here is fun. There are very cute “crochet camera buddies”, which you place on cameras to get kids to smile in photos (or just to make your camera cute).

There is also a crochet camera bag pattern, a crochet covered armrest that matches a quilted mousepad and a set of fox-inspired crochet headphone covers. So cute! We all have technology of some type and this brings our craftiness into it.

4. Wall Art

And finally, I’m really enjoying Wall Art: 35 Fresh and Striking Projects to Decorate Your Walls. This book by Clare Youngs doesn’t have any crochet work in it but there are some other fiber art projects that I think are super cute and want to try my hand at.

One is in macrame, one is a set in weaving, and another is an embroidery art piece of a chair that has a super colorful little cushion on it that actually looks like a crochet cushion although it’s made from embroidery. Sometimes it’s fun for people who crochet to buy books in other crafts; we already know crochet and can have fun expanding our skills!


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