Recent new examples in beautiful crochet art – art that’s raising awareness about issues around the world, art that’s pushing the edges of what crochet can do and art that is just plain fun and interesting!

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something in the water crochet art

The Something in the Water crochet art project was on display in Ojai, CA in May and is heading to Glendale, CA this fall. The artist writes, “All works in the exhibition plumbed the depths of water issues amplifying each other in powerful ways. I think this was definitely the most advantageous installation of the piece to date. So many people were intrigued, curious, emotional, and impressed with everyone’s contributions. All contributors were named individually in the wall text.” I’m happy that I could be one of those contributors.

knit crochet art

Neural Knitworks is a collaborative project about mind and brain health based on the principle that yarn craft helps keep our brains and minds sharp, engaged and healthy.” via @knithacker.

“With a deep passion of bringing awareness to crucial social issues, Olek brings her artistry of crocheting to the “Great Pole” bench honoring Polish and World War II hero, Jan Karski.”

crochet piano art

Crochetbug is working on her next state fair crochet art project. I always love her entries!

crochet portrait art

Portrait of Die Antwoord’s Yolandi by KatikaCrochetArt via @knithacker

crochet fashion

One Man Crochet at Shambala 2015

crochet artist

Lovely County Citizen had a post about crochet artist Gina Rose Gallina, writing: “Gina Gallina can’t stop crocheting. The up-and-coming crochet artist sits on a stool behind the counter at her new store on Center Street crocheting a poncho as Etta James belts sultry tunes from a vintage radio, perched atop an antique dresser adorned with multi-colored crocheted pieces. Her fingers move so fast through strands of pink yarn that patterns appear from nowhere.”

crochet sheep art

Shaun the Crochet Sheep by Vicky Harrison of Briswool via Simply Crochet; it reminds me of the Baa-merica project by Leslie Blackmon and the crochet sheep by Kate Jenkins

crochet fish art

Speaking of her, Crochet artist Kate Jenkins will be creating an entire fish counter made from wool, wit and plenty of sequins for her latest exhibition which will be opening at Alexander Palace at the Knitting and Stitching Show October 7th-11th. Korean NYLON magazine did an article about it. Here’s another crochet piece by Kate Jenkins:

crochet oysters by kate jenkins

crochet food hat

ChiliPhilly’s food-themed crochet hat creations will go on display in the Arts, Crafts and Cookery Pavilion at this year’s Royal Melbourne Show

crochet dreamcatchers

Beautiful crochet dreamcatchers by Renate Kirkpatrick

crochet covered stone art monicaj

Hello Hart interviewed MonicaJ about her crochet lace stones art

crochet river rocks

“A group of 10 women, ages 13 to 94, gathered June 30 at Little House Activity Center to crochet covers for the last of a collection of 200 river rocks. The crocheted rocks, which range in size from 1 to 8 inches in diameter, are part of an art exhibit by sculptor Marianne Lettieri that will be installed this summer at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame.” See more crochet covered rocks here.

crochet art

Framed crochet art from The Shtick I Do who also shared thoughts on how to frame your crochet art

crochet flower motif art

Crochet flower motif art from Wallflower Gal

crochet knit embroidery computer art

Crochet, knit and embroidery computer message art by artist Kerry Campbell via Knithacker; it makes me think of the awesome crochet QR codes I’ve reviewed in the past

crochet yarnbomb

Truffula Tree Trunks yarn bomb from @hijennybrown


“The trees at Caboolture Historical Village have been kept warm this winter after some of the volunteers took to yarn bombing.”


UNITY yarnbomb via @NaomiRAG

yarnbombed shoes by london kaye

Knithacker shared the yarn bombed shoes of crochet artist London Kaye


“The Purly Queens, Albany’s notorious Yarn Bombers, have celebrated the 20th anniversary of National Tree day with a covert operation at Middleton Beach, ‘Operation Tree Cosy‘”

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.40.00 PM

Check out the 2-minute video about crochet artist Yarnbomber (Stephen Duneier), which also includes a piece by London Kaye

crochet yarnbomb bike

50+ bikes were yarnbombed in celebration of Pan Am Games in Milton. They could be seen all around town. Photo of Marina Snider by Eric Riehl/Metroland Media Group

yarnbombing trees

That Girl Who Crochets shared yarnbombing Byron Bay

yarnbomb crochet bikes

Two yellow woolly bikes are on display at the Musgrave monument in Penrith as the local community gets ready to celebrate the Aviva Tour of Britain coming to Eden District on 10 September 2015.”

crochet tram

Bendigo Tramways shared on Facebook: “Tram No. 302 is bursting with an explosion of colours and patterns after being yarn bombed again by a local group of needling ninjas!”

crochet teddy bears

Crochet teddy bears picnic party; see all of the photos at String Theory Crochet. I also love the crochet dragonflies posted on the site recently.

crochet teepee

Crochet teepee by Greedy For Colour, sneak peek from her book Let’s Go Camping!: Crochet Your Own Adventureir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0857833197

minecraft crochet dolls

Minecraft crochet dolls by DeviantArt’s AradiyaToys

mini crochet sophie

This mini crochet Sophie by Genevareclaimed is amazing! Thanks to Flo for telling me about it.

crochet sonogram

Da’s Crochet Connection shared the amazing things that she saw at CGOA San Diego including this crochet sonogram and a watercolor crochet tattoo

A video of a crochet playground by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, spotted thanks to @knithacker


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  1. This is all amazing – and I am just delighted to see the number of Australian sources! Thank you (again!), Kathryn, for helping to bring this crochet world together.

    I guess it’s kind of like emptying a huge bag of diverse fibres, and making it coalesce into an interesting pattern.

    That reminds me – my yarn wardrobe has exploded…yet again. :)

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