oliviartcreations crochet octopus rainbow stripe huge

Pulpo, an award-winning piece of art. Fun fact, he only has seven tentacles for artistic reasons

If you follow my Sunday Instagram roundup posts then you’ve already seen some of the magical, inspired work that artist Oliviartcreations has shared there. I love what she does. It has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and a terrific sense of color, and I wanted to share more of it here with you today.

A Little About Olivia


Olivia Laws is a soft sculpture artist specializing in crochet and studying Studio Arts at the college level. She started out on Etsy about five years ago, selling primarily crochet wearables, but she loves working in art and re-branded herself last year. She shares on Etsy:

“OliviartCreations is about combining my love for fine art sculpture with my love for crochet (something typically thought to be a craft.) I’m deeply inspired by the work of Oldenburg and Warhol. My sculptures feature bright color palettes and exaggerated details.”

Olivia was born in 1991 in Buffalo, New York but is currently working from Tennessee where her college is located. Fun fact: She worked with Independent Film Channel making promotional pieces for the show Portlandia.

Find OliviartCreations on Facebook. She is also on Tondo.

Squid Food Crochet Art

I love the series of pieces that this artist has done where she adds squid tentacles to food items for sculptural art. So whimsical! She started the Food Squids series for an art exhibit called Transformation shortly after working on Pulpo, the big guy shown above, and he obviously influenced the design. Learn more from Olivia’s blog.

oliviartcreations crochet pretzel squid sculpture art oliviartcreations crochet watermelon squid oliviartcreations crochet banana octopus art

Crochet Food Pillows

Snuggle up to your favorite snacks …

oliviartcreations crochet candy corn oliviartcreations crochet fried egg pillow oliviartcreations crochet donut

And More

oliviartcreations crochet popcorn

Olivia has done some interesting work in large scale crochet art and Pop! was the first of those pieces, sized 24″ x 36″ x 6″. She shares on her blog:

“I made Pop! for an invitational art exhibition at the end of 2014. The show was called Memory and we were supposed to focus on some aspect of memory in our pieces. I had recently gotten married a few months earlier and we had a carnival themed wedding. We served popcorn and cotton candy on our food tables and gave out gift bags complete with animal crackers, circus peanuts and pinwheels. Pop! started out as a memory piece to reflect back on my wedding. But once I started making it I realized everyone who saw it would instantly have their own memories dealing with popcorn, whether it reminded them of going to the movies on their first date, going to a ballgame, or staying home having family movie night as a child. This pillow/sculpture can mean whatever you want it to.”

Other Similar Artists

This artist definitely has a voice all her own but her work also makes me think of some other crochet artists that I love:

crochet fish art

Kate Jenkins, who shares a similar sense of humor and exploration of food as an art subject

crochet octopus cup

Twinkie Chan, of course

arline fisch crochet jellyfish

Arline Fisch, whose wire jellyfish exhibit is colorful in a way that reminds me of the striped octopus piece


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  1. She’s a very talented artist who puts her heart and soul into everything she touches!

  2. She’s is so talented. You can tell that everything she makes she puts her heart and soul into. She is amazing.

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