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In this post you’ll find links to the best of the best in crochet artcrochet patternscrochet fashion from all around the web this week.

Sponsor Love

crochet blanket pattern

The Flower-to-Hexagon Granny Blanket is one of my favorite free crochet patterns by Jessie At Home

Something Special: Crochet Vacation

crochet ireland trip

10 day 2016 crochet workshop/ retreat in Ireland with @gocrochet, Crochet! Magazine and Crochet World!

Crochet Quote

“Maw-maw taught me to crochet. Folks who worked at the carpet mill bought her scraps of wool yarn from which she knitted unbearably itchy sweaters. She liked free. She needed it. I recently bought soft yarn to crochet a baby blanket. As I crochet, I think of that woman and how the yarns of her life are so deeply knitted into those of mine. They are threads that never break.” – Ronda Rich

New Article

crochet saved my life

I have written a post for Rebelle Society (a great writing site that really celebrates women) about what it’s like being in depression. I am living with depression right now but want to stress that I’m not suicidal and I have a safety plan in case it gets that way. Sometimes it’s just like this for a little bit.

Crochet Art

yarnbombing art

Check out the 2-minute video about crochet artist Yarnbomber (Stephen Duneier), which also includes a piece by London Kaye

ernesto neto crochet

@arcouture shared a link to my post about crochet artist Ernesto Neto, writing: “Imagine beautiful life-size crochet Art you could relax on, read your favourite book on, take a nap or just day dream?  Look no further as this is the day your dreams have come true!  These gorgeous life-size crochet designs are mini-spaces just for you.  Rather than using walls, the things you could do with the flexibility and comfort of fabric and tremendous!” Here are some other great crochet art spaces.

crochet artist

Lovely County Citizen had a post about crochet artist Gina Rose Gallina, writing: “Gina Gallina can’t stop crocheting. The up-and-coming crochet artist sits on a stool behind the counter at her new store on Center Street crocheting a poncho as Etta James belts sultry tunes from a vintage radio, perched atop an antique dresser adorned with multi-colored crocheted pieces. Her fingers move so fast through strands of pink yarn that patterns appear from nowhere.”


“The trees at Caboolture Historical Village have been kept warm this winter after some of the volunteers took to yarn bombing.”

crochet sonogram

Da’s Crochet Connection shared the amazing things that she saw at CGOA San Diego including this crochet sonogram and a watercolor crochet tattoo. Also see the winners of this years CGOA Crochet Design Contest via Marly Bird.

Crochet Books and Magazines


Marcy Smith takes us behind the scenes of an issue of Crochetscene magazine

Crochet Health

Tassie Cabin Fever shared about Mandalas for Marinke and wrote: “I do find activities like crochet and drawing and then simply colouring in my drawings very useful when my mind isn’t feeling the best. Somehow it does help. It must be something about the repetition and the need for focus but not the need for too much thought that does it. I’ll be doing a bit more of these activities over the next few days I think. Maybe you need to as well.”

Crochet Fashion

crochet and lace says that crochet and lace are the things to wear to OSHEAGA

Crochet Designers

crochet designer andee graves

@jessie_athome did a crochet designer roundup of Andee Graves from @mamas2hands

recrochetions crochet designer

Moogly did a crochet designer showcase of @recrochetions

Crochet Patterns

crochet house

Adorable crochet house free pattern from @mamainastitch

crochet circle vest

10 lacy openwork crochet patterns including this boho circle vest via @becraftsy

crochet blanket pattern

Cornucopia crochet blanket pattern for sale from Amanda’s Crochet Blanket Adventures

colorful crochet beanie pattern

Crochet summer beanie free pattern from @crochet_stuff

crochet cowl free pattern

Linen stitch mobius cowl free crochet pattern @jessie_athome

crochet shawl free pattern

Crochet shawl free pattern from Marly Bird

crochet sweater

Striped eyelet wrap sweater crochet pattern for sale @crochetspot

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet shawl pattern for sale from crochetbyfaye

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet pi shawl pattern for sale from Rohn Strong

crochet mandala square pattern

Keito Palette has modified Wink’s crochet picot mandala into a square!

crochet slouch hat free pattern

Sunflower slouch hat free crochet pattern by Em’s Corner for Happily Hooked

crochet flower pattern

Easy chunky free crochet flower pattern – along with related tips for multi strand crochet

crochet motif pattern

Crochet motif free pattern from Suz Place

crochet bracelet free pattern

Crochet braid bracelet free pattern (with bonuses if you donate to get the paid pdf) from @planetjune

crochet jewelry patterns

Matching crochet bracelet and necklace free patterns from The Little Treasures

crochet coin purse

Crochet coin purse free pattern from String Theory Crochet

crochet flower for camera

Free crochet flower pattern for camera lens from The Shtick I Do!

crochet stitch pattern

Lace crochet stitch pattern free from @olgalacycrochet

crochet crabs free pattern

Crochet crabs free pattern from @allfreecrochet

crochet baby beanie free pattern

Newborn beanie free crochet pattern from @myhobbyiscroche

tunisian crochet scarf pattern

Reversible one-skein Tunisian crochet scarf free pattern from moogly

crochet blanket free pattern

Crochet baby blanket free pattern from Meladora’s Creations

flower power baby blanket

New crochet blanket pattern for sale from Cherry Heart

crochet table centerpiece free pattern

Crochet table centerpiece free pattern from @madewithloops

crochet cuff pattern

Crochet cuff pattern for sale from Little Treasures

crochet bracelet pattern

Crochet bracelet pattern for sale from Outstanding Crochet

crochet pillow pattern

Frilly striped crochet pillow cover free pattern from Lazy Hobbyhopper

crochet basket

T-shirt yarn crochet basket free pattern via @molliemakes article on 10 ways to use t-shirt yarn

crochet market bag pattern

Crochet market bag free pattern from Rescued Paw

crochet sheep blanket

C2C crochet sheep graphgan blanket pattern for sale from @repeatcrafterme

crochet dolls

There are now links to free crochet patterns for 15+ mini Lalylala dolls and modified versions of the creatures from around the web in various languages

Crochet Tutorials

crochet lampshade

Crochet lampshade tutorial from Cats Rockin; see more crochet lamps here

Crochet Tips

crochet blocking

Crochet blocking tips from @hijennybrown

crochet blanket

3 crochet color rules to break from Amanda’s Crochet Blanket Adventures

crochet gauge

All about crochet gauge from @elkstudio_

blocking tips

Tips for blocking a mobius scarf from @mamas2hands

Crochet News

crochet wedding dress

It made me so sad to see that the bride who recently shared her crochet dress got attacked online by people commenting on her weight! Terrible.

knit and crochet for charity

Charities for your knit and crochet donations via @redheartyarns; see more crochet charity options here

Yarn Things

yarn store

Understanding Yarn Twist and Ply

qiviut yarn

@Ucrafter shares all about qiviut yarn over on Stitch and Unwind

yarn store

Sacramento, CA LYS Rumplestiltskin via Brown Sheep Co.

Other Crafty Stuff


GeoffreyAndFlop was inspired by Mandalas For Marinke when working on this acrylic paint piece

bias tape

How to Make Bias Tape from a Square of Fabric @patchworkposse

crochet hook tutorial

How to make a crochet hook from clay via Stitch and Unwind


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    Thanks for including my article in your link love this week! I’m sorry to hear that you are in a depression right now, but glad that you have a safety plan in place. Your work on behalf of the crochet community is really appreciated by so many people, myself included, and I wish you well.

  2. Kathryn,
    you have support from all of us who follow you and your work in fighting depression and may the love and support of your family and friends give you strength and willpower to get you through this period.

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  4. Cris Crawford Reply

    I will share your article on Rebelle Society with my daughter, as I have shared a few things you’ve posted recently on depression awareness. Thanks for writing about what it’s like to be depressed. (Not that I don’t wish it were different for you.)

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