Yesterday was Granny Square Day on Instagram, a holiday started last year by Susan of suregal27. On this day, anyone who wishes to posts a photo of a crochet granny square, close-up as if it’s a single block in a big blanket. Then everyone who wishes to creates their own virtual collage of the photos that they love most so that we have tons of great granny square blankets to virtually enjoy online. You can take those collages and turn them into physical objects like posters, like you see in Susan’s photo above. She even made hers from last year into her Apple Watch Band.

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet granny square day

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits shared this photo to announce Granny Square Day on IG

It was really fun to follow along with that yesterday and you can see the photos on Instagram by checking the hashtags #grannysquareday and #grannysquareday2015. I’ll share some of those photos at the end of this post, but now let’s look at all of the other awesomeness shared on Instagram this week by the people who tagged in with #crochetsavedmylife and #crochetconcupiscence in order to be part of this weekly roundup.

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

happily hooked crochet interview

This week’s fabulous featured Instagrammer is knit and crochet designer / crafter Sheila Zacharie of CreativeDesignsBySheila. I interviewed this awesome crafter about how she crocheted through grief; that interview is in Happily Hooked Issue 14. Her tagline on IG explains that she makes “Handmade knitwear and easy patterns with spectacular results!” On Etsy she elaborates, sharing how much she loves the entire process of knit/crochet, from choosing the yarn (with a commitment to quality fiber) all the way up through receiving photos of happy customers with their finished items. You can find her on the major social networking sites, which and you can locate those links through her blog. Here are some of the wonderful crochet photos that she’s shared with us but be sure to pop over to her feed to see her knitting, close-ups of her new crochet hooks and more goodness:

creativedesginsbysheila studio space and yarn creativedesignsbysheila yarn in vogue knitting creativedesignsbysheila yarn creativedesignsbysheila crochet hook organization

creativedesignsbysheila crochet crocodile stitch creativedesignsbysheila thrift crochet creativedesignsbysheila crochet triangle scarf creativedesignsbysheila easter crochet creativedesignsbysheila crochet with granny square polymer clay hook

Special Shoutout

maddylopez324 crochet book

I want to give thanks to maddylopez324 for her support of my work. She picked up my book, When Grandma Isn’t Crocheting, She’s Hunting Big Game, and shared on Instagram that she was enjoying it. This book has gotten mixed reviews because all of the stories, drawn from news reports, are very short. It was my first attempt at self-publishing to get used to the process before writing Crochet Saved My Life

Top Ten Crochet Photos of the Week

In addition to all of the great granny square pictures and the wonderful work from our featured IGer, my top ten photos of the week are:

1. Crochet in the ER

carefulcatherine crochet in the ER

I’m certainly not happy that carefulcatherine was in the ER all week getting antibiotics but thrilled that she shared this photo that really celebrates the reality of craft’s capacity to heal and help us! Lots of people have asked her about the craft, and I bet that at least one of those people will remember how it helps and rely on it in a time of need.

2. Newborn Baby with Crochet Blanket

hanrosieg crochet blanket new baby

And here’s another bit of crochet in the hospital – a newborn baby enjoying her first handmade crochet blanket! From hanrosieg.

3. Crochet Lace Pillows

nickymirandacrochet crochet lace pillows

Nickymirandacrochet shared this great image of crochet pillows in various designs – a photo that harkens back to the past and vintage crochet but is also totally contemporary!

4. Striped Cardi

hookybren crochet striped cardi design ideasmagazine

This beautiful new crochet pattern by hookybren can be found in the September ’15 issue of Ideas Magazine

5. Wooden Crochet Necklace

louloudeane crochet ewoodstory necklace

louloudeane used the wooden crochet jewelry kits from ewoodstory to share this crochet necklace with us

6. Crochet Hats in the Hills

lyndapc crochet hats oand hills

I always love seeing crochet out in beautiful nature and this photo by lyndapc is a great example of that.

7. Rainbow Ripple Stars

thatgirlwhocrochets rainbow crochet ripples

I love seeing the completed rainbow ripple star blankets from thatgirlwhocrochets; check out her feed to see all of the great progress photos she took along the way!

8. Shoes with Black Crochet Lace

rawrustic crochet black lace

I always love the way that rawrustic photographs crochet and this great image is no exception.

9. Crochet and pancakes

crochetinpaternoster crochet fingerless gloves and yarn

Crochetinpaternoster shared this lovely little collage of crochet fingerless gloves and cupcakes with yarn.

10. Crochet Book on Crochet Blanket

stelcrochet buy an afrikaans book day with granny square blanket

Stelcrochet bought this book to celebrate Buy an Afrikaans Book Day, although she purchases those local author books regularly. She shared it because of that great granny blanket on the chair. I love how it’s drawn out in the photo by the crochet blanket beneath the book! And a bonus photo because I also really loved her crochet clothing hangers:

stelcrochet crochet clothes hangers

Crochet Mandalas

I’m happy to see all of these crochet mandalas, whether they are for the MandalasForMarinke project or not! Wink’s work and inspiration will continue to live on.

papatyayshem crochet mandala orange

Orange mandala by papatyayshem

mrskherrington crochet mandala WIP

Crochet mandala in two stages (above and below) by mrskherrington

mrskherrington crochet mandalasformarinke

mctoula crochet mandala

Crochet mandala by mctoula

mammalanie crochet mandala blue

Blue crochet mandala by mammalanie

makingpolly crochet mandalas

Crochet mandalas completed by makingpolly

lcs_girl crochet summerdreamsmandala lcs_girl crochet mandala purple lcs_girl crochet flower mandala

Three pretty crochet mandalas by lcs_girl

hookybren first crochet mandala

hookybren’s first crochet mandala

flzvarol crochet mandalas

Crochet mandala and more by flzvarol

flamingpot crochet pastel rug

Okay, so this t-shirt yarn rug by flamingpot isn’t intended to be a mandala but it’s got that same great feeling to it, doesn’t it?

cozy_corner_crochet crochet sophie

From cozy_corner_crochet

cattaryna crochet mandalas butterfly

Cattaryna made these crochet mandalas using Wink’s patterns

Crochet Sophies and Other CALs

Lots of people are continuing to share photos of their Sophie’s Universe CAL crochet works. There are also a few other crochet CALs that I recognize in photos this week.

ahappycrocheter crochet sophie

Crochet Sophie by Flo

elzavan912 crochet sophie

Elzvan912’s crochet Sophie

helenolding sophie crochet square

Crochet Sophie square from helenolding

thegirllovesyarn crochet sophie detail

Crochet Sophie detail from thegirllovesyarn

papatyayshem circlesofthesuncal

CirclesOfTheSun CAL from papatyayshem (above and below)

papatyayshem crochet flower square circlesofthesun

louizamakes circleinaquarecal crochet

CircleInASquare CAL by louizamakes

crochetbetweenworlds crochet mystery mosaic cal

Mystery Mosaic CAL from crochetbetweenworlds

ahappycrocheter crochet aroundthebases CAL

Around The Bases CAL from ahappycrocheter

Amigurumi Dolls and Crochet Stuffies

thecosmiccrafter_ crochet stick shift topper

thecosmiccrafter_ created this as a request for a car’s stick shift topper

rachelsfantasyisland crochet jellyfish

Crochet jellyfish from rachelsfantasyisland

oliviartcreations crochet pretzel squid sculpture art

Pretzel squid and rainbow striped octopus from oliviartcreations

oliviartcreations crochet octopus rainbow stripe huge

mimamami_ crochet giraffe toy

Crochet giraffe toy from mimamami_

littlecosythings crochet giraffe superheroes littlecosythings crochet rat

Giraffe superheroes and crochet mouse from littlecosythings

kileygo crochet monkey pillow kileygo crochet kitty rattle

Crochet monkey pillow and kitty rattle by kileygo

kellyandcrochet crochet owl kellyandcrochet crochet flamingo kellyandcrochet crochet bunny

Crochet owl, flamingo and bunny by kellyandcrochet

daisy_flower9 crochet basketweave blanket

Well, that’s a knit toy atop a basketweave crochet blanket by daisy_flower9

cattaryna crochet sheep

Crochet sheep by cattaryna

Crochet Flowers

yarnadventure crochet indianfestival flowers yarnadventure crochet flowers


spring21girl crochet baby set


nelnanandnora crochet flower


marretjeroos crochet flowers from spincushions


laura_makes crochet lavender bags

lavender bags by laura_makes

holly_pips crochet flowers

Heidibears project by holly_pips

fozyloxy69 crochet scarf

Flower squares scarf by foxyloxy69

daisyaslihan crochet flower vacation

Daisyaslihan is working on a floral crochet piece on vacation

classybird28 crochet flower brooch

Floral crochet brooch by classybird28

Crochet Blankets

milkepetal crochet purple granny stripe blanket


marretjeroos crochet blanket


littlebirdbunting crochet vstitch blanket striped littlebirdbnting crochet blanket rest


kellyandcrochet crochet blankets


hookybren sleepy puppy on crochethookybren

helenolding crochet blanket cuppa


stelcrochet vintage crochet blanket


flamingpot crochet bobble blanket


elisabethandree crochet blanket edge


crochetbetweenworlds crochet blanket in progress


buttermilkcandy crochet linen stitch


anfloclay crochet ripple blanket WIP

Start of ripple blanket by anfloclay

all_about_clare crochet ripple blanket

Ripple blanket by all_about_clare

ahappycrocheter large colorful crochet granny blanket

Granny blanket by ahappycrocheter

_nessbombaert_ crochet blue ripple blanket

Star ripple blanket by _nessbombaert_

Crochet Bags and Baskets

cozy_corner_crochet crochet pink basket


crochetinpaternoster crochet tshirt yarn granny rug and basket


elisabethandree crochet granny shopper


cuppansnook crochet bag


forestflowerdesigns crochet basket tshirt yarn


wanderingneedle recycled silk chiffon yarn crochet basket


Crochet Shawls and Scarves

stephaniedavies crochet shawl


oksanamitsyak openwork crochet blue scarf by a friend

Crochet scarves (above and below) by oksanamitsyak

oksanamitsyak crochet scarf with fringe

nesimerciger bobble crochet shawl

Crochet shawl by nesimerciger

lyudmilascherbina crochet blue scarf

Crochet scarf by lyudmilascherbina

foxyloxy69 crochet autumn shawl

Autumn shawl by foxyloxy69

elzavan912 crochet southbayshawl


cuddlebugkids crochet with beads

Beaded crochet by cuddlebugkids

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet WIP scarf

Scarf by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

classybird28 crochet cherry pi shawl

Cherry Pi crochet shawl by classybird28

carolrmckay crochet blue cowl

Crochet cowl by carolrmckay

And More

So much inspiration this week! There are almost 200 photos that got tagged in and that’s not counting any of the ones that were also tagged for Granny Square Day! I didn’t get to post all of them here today so be sure to flip through the #crochetsavedmylife and #crochetconcupiscence tags to see all of the amazing work. Here’s a bit more:

yarnyenta247 crochet pillow squares

Crochet squares by yarnyenta247 for a cushion

xtinerat crochet accident!

Crochet oopsie by xtinerat!

usakl knit and crochet potholders

knit and crochet potholders by usakl

suzycrocheter71 leaning stripes and blocks crochet

leaning stripes and blocks by suzycrocheter71

sunnylittlerainbow wool yarn

yarn photo by sunnylittlerainbow

stitchgwen crochet howilearnedcrochet

stitchgwen shared her #howilearned crochet story; check out that hashtag for great crochet memories!

stephaniedavies crochet fingerless gloves

Crochet fingerless gloves by stephaniedavies

stelcrochet crochet skirt

Crochet skirt spotted by stelcrochet

redrocker9 crochet pantsCrochet pants by redrocker9

rawrustic yarn swift

Yarn swift photo by rawrustic

queen_babs crochet chunky blue circle

Crochet circle by queen_babs

patternparadise crochet shoes

Crochet baby shoes by patternparadise

papatyayshem crochet bobble texture squares

Textured crochet by papatyayshem

oliviartcreations crochet egg oliviartcreations crochet large donut

Crochet food by oliviartcreations

oksanamitsyak crochet cardigan finished

Crochet sweater by oksanamitsyak

nuransabry crochet cushion motifs

nuransabry crochet motifs for cushion

nickymirandcrochet bridal crochet

Wedding crochet from nickymirandacrochet

mrspip crochet cardigan

Crochet cardi by mrspip

make_the_nest crochet baby panda set

Panda baby crochet by make_the_nest

maddylopez324 crochet square motifs


lynjoror crochet mermaid tail crocodile stitch

lynjoror crochet crocodile stitch mermaid tail

louloudeane crochet chevron set

Chevron crochet (above) and wooden bead crochet (below) by louloudeane

louloudeane crochet around bead

lou.teacrochet crochet baby cardi

lou.teacrochet baby clothes (above and below)

lou.teacrochet crochet baby bunnie

littleshopofknots crochet granny square colorful muted cushion


lisablue76 crochet cirlces


laura_makes thread crochet circle lace


la_ventana_azul crochet bag


krystlewvscrochet rainbow crochet slouchy


knot_katy crochet hat

knot_katy started a crochet hat

knitpurlhook tapestry crochet polka dots knitpurlhook tapestry crochet colorful diamonds knitpurlhook tapestry crochet heart washcloths knitpurlhook tapestry crochet clouds

Tapestry crochet (above) and squares/bow (below) by knitpurlhook

knitpurlhook crochet craft therapy for healing knitpurlhook crochet bow

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet t-shirt yarn rug

T-shirt yarn crochet rug by jysoulikmamma_briliantmommy

julie_accrochet crochet striped socks pattern

@julie_accrochet shared this cute striped crochet socks (Ice Cream Socks, pattern on Ravelry)

hookybren crochet rhino hat made by daughter

Hookybren shared this crochet rhino hat made and sold by her daughter

hooked__on__hooky rainbow spaghetti yarn ends

Yarn ends, or as hooked__on__hooky calls them, “rainbow spaghetti”

holly_pips light up crochet hook with ripple

light-up crochet hook from holly_pips

hezhart crochet squares pillow


gooseberryfool crochet sweater

Crochet sweater (above) and cushion (below) by gooseberryfool

gooseberryfool crochet cushion purple

gingerbreadbunny crochet parasol on display

Crochet parasol by gingerbreadbunny

flzvarol nine square crochet granny blue

Nine-square crochet square (above) and bobble textured crochet (below) by flzvarol

flzvarol crochet bobble texture pink

erinhart2 crochet wip


elzavan912 crochet merino wool


daisy_flower9 crochet granny squares


crochetinpaternoster granny square fingerless toddler gloves crochetinpaternoster crochet heart

Crochet granny square gloves and heart gift from crochetinpaternoster

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet wave stripe hat crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet kerchief wip

Crochet hat and kerchief gift by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

crochetgirl99 granny square colorful makeover

Crochet granny squares project by crochetgirl99

crochetbetweenworlds foundation sc

Foundation sc by crochetbetweenworlds

crochet_with_ganondorf crochet booties green


creationsbycris crochet state fair


cozamundo thread cotton

Cotton thread and crochet works on display by cozamundo

cozamundo crochet makes

ceyhan65 crochet orange heart

Crochet heart by ceyhan65

cattaryna yarnbombing crochet

Yarnbomb by cattaryna

beccamathilde crochet blocking


audra_hooknowl crochet red booties


anfloclay yarn pile


ahappycrocheter working on crochet gifts


abluebirdonmyshoulder crochet enchanted garden square chair


My Crochet On Instagram

spca crochet puppy

This knit and crochet covered puppy walked in the Pride parade in San Francisco with the SPCA this year. The photo was in the volunteer newsletter that I get because I do pet therapy through their program with Golden Retriever Lucy. We were going to do the Pride Parade as well but other commitments arose. Love how this pup is decked out!

double stranded striped thread crochet mandala

Double-stranded, striped, thread crochet mandala I made this week

crochet granny square blanket

Double-stranded scrap yarn large crochet granny square blanket, made awhile back but hanging out on the couch with me this week.

t-shirt yarn crochet granny square for grannysquareday

Detail from the center of my t-shirt yarn crochet granny square bathmat

double strand thread crochet granny square red blue

Double-stranded thread crochet granny square – my contribution to Granny Square Day yesterday (along with the t-shirt yarn photo above).

Granny Square Day Photos

As promised at the beginning of this post, here are some of the Granny Square Day photos:

[instagram-feed hashtag=”#GrannySquareDay2015″]



San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Such a great round-up again! Thanks, Kathryn. You do fantastic work for the crochet community.

  2. Such an amazing round up, so much inspiration thank you! I was very happy to see my crocheted bag, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning that my ig name is cuppansnook :-)

    • Kathryn Reply

      Oh, did I mix that up? My apologies. I occasionally mistype – I’ll be sure to fix it!

      • Hi Kathryn, I’m so sorry I missed your reply until now, thank you so much for correcting my name, easily done I’m sure and for including my bag in your great article :-)

  3. Elisabeth Andree Reply

    What a wonderful review, that octopus is stunning! Granny Square Day was a joy to join, hope we will have even more fun next year!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Yes, I didn’t join last year (found out too late) but loved being a part of Granny Square Day this year and can’t wait to grow it with everyone next year as well!

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