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Australian crochet designer Shelley Husband of Spincushions is about to release her newest crochet ebook, Flowers Abound, a book of 20 6″ floral crochet square patterns that can be mixed-and-matched in a variety of different ways to create a stunning array of projects. Shelley especially loves seamless crochet and designing crochet blankets so her ebook includes tips for joining and a crochet edging pattern suggestion inspired by picket fence architecture.

More Crochet Project Ideas

pincushions flowers abound ebook

Of course, you can take these crochet square patterns and make any number of different types of projects in addition to a blanket. Some options would include:

pincushions flowers abound ebook

  • Stitch a set of them together lengthwise to create a beautiful 6″ wide floral crochet scarf.
  • Join together 6 of them in a rectangle to create a 12″ x 18″ crochet placemat or table topper.
  • Crochet a set of these flower squares together to create a beautiful pillow. You could use a bunch of them and do a full pillow, front and back, or just do the front in flower squares and do the back of the cushion in a simple flat design (such as a hdc rectangle).
  • Place individual crochet flower squares on mats in frames and hang a set of them as wall art. I’d love a 3 x 3 display on the wall!

Use your imagination and the inspiration that you find online to come up with any number of different crochet projects that you can make using the terrific fresh patterns in this ebook.

More About This Crochet Book

pincushions flowers abound ebook

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? You don’t even know about this crochet ebook yet. The crochet book, which is currently available for pre-order and will be ready before the end of August, consists of 20 different floral crochet square patterns along with lots of additional information. Here’s what you’ll find in this book (which, by the way, is available in both US and UK terms):

  • The crochet flower patterns, each of which is designed to be a 6″ crochet square, some of which lie flat and others that are three dimensional flowers.
  • Links throughout the book that take you to additional information – both within the book itself and elsewhere on the web – such as related “tips and tricks” and videos of how to complete each stitch.
  • Yarn suggestions and additional color tips. Shelley has clearly been thoughtful in her work with each pattern, designing the pattern in a yarn and a color combination that she likes best, but she has also tried other yarns and color combos along the way and gives suggestions about those as well in case you want to change it up.
  • 4 tips for seamless crochet. Shelley loves her crochet blankets to look like they’re made in one single piece, even though the motifs are made separately and joined, so she provides four tips to help your blankets look the same way.
  • Round-by-round instructions with two photos of the square, each one in a different colorway, so you can really get a sense of what it is supposed to look like.

And a Few Favorites


I’ve included photos of some of my favorite flower squares from the book throughout this post. Here are just a couple more things that I want you to know about this book because they are my favorite things.

  • You can use this book to learn how to say “flower” in a bunch of different languages because each pattern in the book is named flower in a different language. What a fun little addition to this crochet book!
  • In the early pages of the book you’ll find a page where all of the patterns are shown together in the same color scheme (yellow, red and green flower in a white square). You can click on any of these crochet flowers and it will take you to the pattern. It’s genius. It’s a really easy way to see all of the patterns together, so that you can find the one that you want to work on and also get a sense of how different squares will look when combined together.

Connect with Shelley

flowers abound

Shelley is an Australian wife, mother and crafter whose terrific work can be found on her blog Spincushions. You can learn more about her from her Smashwords interview, where, among other things she says:

“I am very grateful to anyone who tries my patterns. I do my best to make sure each pattern is easy to follow, no matter how complex the design. I love to see what folks do with my designs. Makes me happy to see.”

You can also connect with her on Instagram, Ravelry and Facebook.



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    I wonder if they have the word Xochitl (soh-cheel). When I was little I had a doll named Xochitl, and my cousin’s sister-in law is Xochitl. It means flower in Nahuatl (indigenous language of Mexico).

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