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Here is the next of the beautiful, inspiring, special contributions coming in to the #MandalasForMarinke remembrance project. I am grateful for each and every amazing contribution. You are invited to join; learn more here.

Beautiful Crochet Mandala

Ali’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

This prismatic thread crochet mandala is worked in the beautiful hues of the rainbow with layers of pink around the edges that add to its charm.

Meet the Maker

Ali’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

This crochet mandala comes from Ali in Australia of AliPinkHandmade who sells “modern homewares with a vintage twist” on Etsy. She shares:

I’ve never had depression but crochet and craft have helped me through some sad and difficult times. Sending love from the Gold Coast.”

Find her as AliPink on Instagram and Pinterest and AliPinkHandmade on Twitter.

Ali’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

Words by Wink

Ali’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

On April 26, 2013, Wink wrote:

“I want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you lovely people who have purchased my first pattern. I was so thrilled to see all those confirmations just filling up my inbox the past few days, I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes! I have even seen some finished mandalas too, and that was just the cherry on the icing for me.”

I wish she could see all of the mandalas made for this project!

Ali’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

About Depression

One purpose of this project is to raise awareness about depression so each post will end with some facts, thoughts or quotes about depression, suicide and/or mental health. Sometimes a person has to be hospitalized for depression. Here is a partial list of symptoms that suggest that a person might need to go to a hospital for treatment.

  • threaten or try to take their lives or hurt themselves or others.
  • see or hear things (hallucinations).
  • believe things that aren’t true (delusions).
  • need special treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy.
  • have problems with alcohol or substances.
  • have not eaten or slept for several days.
  • are unable to care for themselves or their families, e.g., getting out of bed, bathing, or dressing.
  • have tried treatment with therapy, medication, and support and still have a lot of trouble with symptoms.
  • need to make a significant switch in treatment or medication under the close supervision of their doctor.
  • have any symptom of mania or depression that significantly interferes with life.

Source: Depression And Bipolar Support Alliance

Here are some things to expect if you are hospitalized for depression

Ali’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

All contributions to Mandalas for Marinke are welcome and will help raise awareness about depression while honoring her work in the same way that this great contribution has done today. Details to join here.


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