It’s time to resume the weekly Instagram shares. Thank you to all of the people who use the #crochetconcupiscence and #crochetsavedmylife tags each week to share their beautiful crochet work with us. Learn more here.

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

This week’s featured crochet Instagrammer is Robyn of crochetgirl99. I’ve highlighted her individual photos here before because she has both excellent crochet talent and terrific photography skills. Robyn is an Australian crafter who absolutely loves to crochet. Her photos often feature beautiful landscapes and nature in the background but her colorful crochet work is always front and center. Here’s what she shared with us recently.

crochetgirl99 crochet blankets crochetgirl99 crochet blanket crochetgirl99 crochet flower scarf crochetgirl99 crochet flower squares crochetgirl99 crochet squares crochetgirl99 crochet mitts crochetgirl99 crochet granny mitts crochetgirl99 croche tea cozy

Mandalas For Marinke

Here are some of the wonderful shares this week that were tagged for both #crochetconcupiscence and #mandalasformarinke. Visit that hashtag to see many more beautiful crochet mandalas made for Wink!

78th_stitch crochet mandala

One of several beautiful crochet mandalas made by 78th_stitch

amimami10 crochet mandala love

by amimami10

cozamundo crochet mandala

by cozamundo

crochetinpaternoster crochet mandalas

by crochetinpaternoster

elenoudi crochet mandalas for marinke

by elenoudi

emmaleithatelier crochet mandala joining

by emmaleithatelier

jen_wildflower crochet mandala

by jen_wildflower

julie_accrochet crochet mandalas

Contribution in the mail from julie_accrochet

lcs_girl mandalasformarinke

One of several terrific crochet mandalas made by lcs_girl

rubyjaneslane crochet mandala

And one of many crochet contributions created by rubyjaneslane

thegirllovesyarn crochet mandala

by thegirllovesyarn

winterbeachbymab crochet mandala

by winterbeachbymab

tintocktap crochet mandalaby tintocktap

redagape_styleanddesign crochet mandalas

by redagape_styleanddesign

readamy crochet mandala

by readamy of the 100womenproject

madebylouiza crochet mandala

from madebylouiza

love2loop crochet andala

from love2loop

gigididthis crochet mandalaby gigididthis

frankielovescrochet crochet mandala

by frankielovescrochet

buttermilkcandy crochet mandalaby buttermilkcandy

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet mandala

by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

10 More Favorite Pics of the Week

In addition to the photos from our featured Instagrammer and the wonderful Mandalas for Marinke, here are ten of my favorite Instagram crochet photos of the week.

1. Rubik’s Cube

magneticmary crochet rubiks cube

This crochet Rubik’s cube by magneticmary reminds me of the work of crochet artist Marcy Kraft

2. Crochet Dreamcatcher

atnanasknee crochet dreamcatcher

crochet dreamcatcher by atnanasknee

3.Charity Crochet

elzavan912 crochet for charity blanket

charity crochet blankets by elzavan912

4. Crochet Flower Stars

nesimerciger crochet star

Crochet flower stars by nesimerciger

5. Crochet Tattoo

redorcker9 crochet tattoo

redrocker9 got a new crochet tattoo! See more crochet / yarn tattoos here.

6. Tapestry Crochet

tintocktap tapestry crochet snowflake

Tapestry crochet by tintocktap

7. Rows of Crochet WIP

steelandstitch crochet shawl

Crochet WIP by steelandstitch

8. Floral Crochet

knitpurlhook crochet flower

Crochet flower by knitpurlhook

9. Crochet Strawberry

forestflowerdesigns crochet strawberry

Anatomy of a crochet strawberry by forestflowerdesigns

10. Colorful Crochet

caswelljones crochet ends

Ends to weave in by caswelljones

Large Crochet Granny Blankets

The trend this week seems to be to create large crochet granny square / rectangle blankets, something I always love.

crochet_with_ganondorf crochet granny rectangle

by crochet_with_ganondorf

foxyloxy69 crochet granny

by foxyloxy69

girlfromalittletown crochet granny blanket

by girlfromalittletown

gooseberryfool crochet granny blanket

by gooseberryfool

holly_pips crochet granny blanket

by holly_pips

sweet_sharna crochet granny blanket

by sweet_sharna

Summertime Crochet

Another theme right now is, of course, summertime crochet.

ponytales_ crochet shoes

Bold crochet slippers from ponytales_

lisesolvang crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals by lisesolvang

gigididthis crochet hat

summer hat by gigididthis

annoocrochet summer crochet

by annoocrochet

Crochet Granny Squares

Motif-based granny square projects and other similar small-square crochet projects are always popular.

foxyloxy69 crochet squares

by foxyloxy69

hezhart crochet grannyies

by hezhart

josiemaybunting crochet blanket squares

by josiemaybunting

knitpurlhook crochet squares

by knitpurlhook

laura_makes crochet squares

by laura_makes

lyndapc crochet granny squares

by lyndapc

stitchgwen crochet blanket

by stitchgwen

Crochet Ripples

And we always see a few crochet ripples.

yarn_in_a_barn crochet ripple blanket

by yarn_in_a_barn

louloudeane crochet ripple

by louloudeane

elle_yarns crochet ripple

by hookybren

cuddlebugkids crochet detail

by cuddlebugkids

candicedunlapmiller crochet stars

by candicedunlapmiller

buttermilkcandy crochet ripple blanket

by buttermilkcandy

And More

_marihohana crochet mandala dreamcatcher

crochet dreamcatcher by _marihohana

all_about_clare crochet dress

crochet dress from all_about_clare

amimami10 crochet tiger

crochet tiger by amimami10

annesurr crochet jam topper

crochet jam toppers by annesurr

audra_hooknowl crochet minnie mouse

crochet Minnie Mouse by audra_hooknowl

awesomecrochet crochet dress

crochet fashion by awesomecrochet

beccamathilde crochet rug

crochet rug by beccamathilde

becky_nuttall crochet heart

crochet heart by becky_nutall

beckyrobinson84 crochet yarn

crochet WIP by beckyrobinson84

buttermilkcandy crochet mandalas

crochet mandalas from buttermilkcandy

charlien.crochet24 crochet cowl

by char lien.crochet24

chwhitworth crochet granny blanket

by chwhitworth

classybird28 crochet wip

by classybird28

cozamundo crochet doily

Crochet doily (above) and flower hair clips (below) by cozamundo

cozamundo crochet flower hair clips

creativedesignsbysheila crochet hook

crochet hook by creativedesignsbysheila

crochetbetweenworlds crochet blanket

crochet blanket (above) and owl (below) from crochetbetweenworlds

crochetbetweenworlds crochet owl

crochetingthruchronicdiseases kaylas crochet stars

Kayla’s stars project by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

elisabethandree neon crochet

crochet rug (above) and spider stitch (below) from elisabethandree

elisabethandree crochet spider stitch

elzavan912 crochet blocking

blocking crochet from elzavan912

flamingpot crochet basket

crochet basket by flamingpot

forever__autumn__ crochet flowers

crochet flowers by forever__autumn__

girlfromalittletown crochet cozy

crochet cozy by girlfromalittletown

gooseberryfool crochet and sewing

Frozen crochet project by gooseberryfool

hanrosieg crochet wip

Crochet WIP (above) and yarn (below) from hanrosieg

hanrosieg yarn

helenolding crochet sophie

Crochet sophie by helenolding

holly_pips crochet turtle

Crochet turtle by holly_pips

hooked_on_hooky crochet mandala

Crochet mandala decor by hooked_on_hooky

hookybren crochet blanket

Crochet blanket by hookybren

jijihook crochet flower earrings

Crochet mandala earrings by jijihook

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet owl mitts

Crochet owl fingerless mitts from jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy

kellyandcrochet colorful crochet

Crochet in the round (above) and teacher gift (below) by kellyandcrochet

kellyandcrochet crochet teacher apple

knitpurlhook crochet scarf

Crochet scarf (above) and little squares WIP (below) from knitpurlhook

knitpurlhook crochet small squares

laura_makes crochet dreamcatcher

Crochet dreamcatcher by laura_makes (I love that the feathers are also crocheted!!)

littlebirdbunting crochet mandalas

Crochet mandalas by littlebirdbunting

littlebirdiecrochet newborn hat

Newborn crochet beanie by littlebirdiecrochet

littlecosythings crochet increidbly hulk

Crochet Incredible Hulk by littlecosythings

louloudeane crochet heart

Crochet heart by louloudeane

makingpolly crochet plant doily

Crochet plant doily (above) and wall hanging (below) by makingpolly

makingpolly crochet wall hanging using katgoldin molliemakes pattern

margaretev crochet striped blanket

Striped crochet blanket by margaretev

marretjeroos crochet bridal shawl

Crochet shawls (above and below) by marretjeroos

marretjeroos crochet shawl

mimamami_ crochet spiral

Spiral crochet by mimamami_

mlissabethgr crochet afghan

Crochet afghan (above) and filet cross crochet (below) by mlissabethgr

mlissabethgr filet crochet shawl

mrsdaftspaniel crochet sophie

Crochet sophie by mrsdaftspaniel

nelnanandnora crochet wip

Crochet WIP by nelnanandnora

oksanamitsyak crochet cardigan

Crochet cardigan by oksanamitsyak

patternparadise crochet tank top

Sleeveless crochet top by patternparadise

queen_babs crochet yarnbomb

Crochet yarn bomb from queen_babs, who was featured this week on the new Yarnbomber podcast!

redrocker9 crochet circle

Crochet WIP by redrocker9

rubyjaneslane crochet collage

Crochet collage by rubyjaneslane

sabinaspeich crochet berries

Crochet berries by sabinaspeich

sabrinamc7 crochet donut

Crochet donut by sabrinamc7

stelcrochet kitty on crochet

Crochet with kitty by stelcrochet

stephaniedavies crochet scheepjescal2015

New scheepjescal2015 work by stephaniedavies

stitchgwen crochet sock yarn

Crochet WIP by stitchgwen

suzanne2017 crochet bucket bag

Crochet bucket bag by suzanne2017

sweet_sharna crochet thread doily

Thread crochet doily by sweet_sharna

thepolkadotgiraffe crochet blanket

Striped crochet from thepolkadotgiraffe

travelingchic crochet bag

Crochet bag by travelingchic

xtinerat crochet blanket

Crochet blanket by xtinerat

My Week on Instagram

I’ve mostly been working on my own crochet Mandalas for Marinke, which I’m working in ribbon yarn and sparkly novelty yarn. I’ve also been sharing the mandala contributions I’m receiving for the project, which you can see on Instagram but also get the details of here. And I shared a few photos for the tutorials I’ve done published elsewhere around the web this week.

sparkly crochet mandala sparkly crochet mandala 2 ribbon crochet mandala crochet mandalas for marinke

The mandala contributions from others posted about so far here on the blog

finger crochet tutorial

Finger crochet tutorial @redheartyarns

tall crochet stitches

Tall stitches crochet tutorial @patchworkposse


Crochet wisteria vine postcard received from Amy Reader for my participation in the 100womenproject


Darn Good Yarn monthly box received; more about this coming on the blog soon!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Elisabeth Andree Reply

    Another fab collection, those mandala earrings are cool and what a great choice, I too love the work and the photos of Robyn, very much!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Victoria Stott Reply

    Wow! What an amazing collection. I am an instagram beginner so this is a real inspiration.

  3. I have so many favourites out of this lot, without you Kathryn I probably wouldn’t get a chance to see most of these, so thank you again.

    A few of my faves:

    – Your mixed sparklies mandala

    – crochetgirl99 lacy round motifs

    – charity crochet blankets by elzavan912

    – crochet dreamcatcher by _marihohana

    – crochet dress from all_about_clare

    – crochet heart by becky_nutall

    – crochet mandalas from buttermilkcandy

    – by char lien.crochet24

    – crochet rug (above) and spider stitch (below) from elisabethandree

    – crochet flowers by forever__autumn__

    – Crochet scarf from knitpurlhook

    – Crochet collage by rubyjaneslane


  4. I always look forward to your instagram roundups! Thank you so much for making the effort of organizing it all so nicely, it makes huge difference – you’re an inspiration :)

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