Back in May I signed up for Darn Good Yarn monthly. It’s a subscription through which I get a monthly surprise package from the DGY company with 2-3 skeins of yarn plus another sample to try. I’m enjoying it so I thought I’d share it with you today.

About Darn Good Yarn

darn good yarn

Darn Good Yarn is a fair trade company that offers a fair living wage to women in Nepal and India. These women create items that are sold in the United States. The company also sells a wide variety of yarn that is ethically sourced in small batches.

About Darn Good Yarn Monthly

darn good yarn

This is a monthly delivery that helps support the artisans in India and Nepal. You select the box size that you want to get each month. The basic package, which is what I’ve started with, comes with 2 full skeins of yarn. The deluxe package comes with 5 skeins. Each package also comes with a five yard sample of a different yarn or fabric, coupons and a pattern. So far the packages I’ve got only had knitting patterns so I wasn’t able to do anything with those but I was still happy with my boxes.

Month of May

darn good yarn banana fiber

The first box I received was in May. It included 3 full skeins of Banana Fiber Yarn. It’s handspun in India and each skein comes with 80 yards so this is plenty to make something interesting. I didn’t think that I’d ever worked with banana fiber before but now I actually think I might have already been working with some in May. I had received a lovely birthday package from a friend who sent me yarn that I thought was recycled sari silk yarn (which I’d also never worked with before) but then when this package arrived I realized it looked almost exactly the same as what I’d been working with so perhaps that was actually banana fiber?!



Month of June

darn good yarn recycled sari silk

I did receive some recycled sari fabric to work with in my June DGY box. I got two skeins of Reclaimed Sari Silk Ribbon, which is in 2″ wide. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to use it for, yet. I’ve been doing some macrame and weaving and might want to see how it works with one of those. But I might use a large hook and crochet it. It’s beautiful and I think it will lend itself well to the right thing at the right time!

Month of July

rainbow yarn darn good yarn

My newest box came with 3 beautiful full skeins of this lovely rainbow yarn called Silk Cloud Yarn. It’s a lace weight yarn made from fair trade Anamika Silk waste in India. I’m excited to play with this stuff! The package also came with a five yard sample of Soft and Warm Wool and Silk, which is a bulky weight yarn from India that was just added to the collection this summer.

I’d been wanting to sign up for a monthly yarn delivery for some time but none of the other subscriptions seemed affordable or like I’d get enough for my money. I’m really happy with Darn Good Yarn so far and glad I selected to try it!


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