Let’s take a look at this week in crochet on Instagram. Thank you to all of the people who use the #crochetconcupiscence and #crochetsavedmylife tags each week to share their beautiful crochet work with us. Learn more here.

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

This week’s featured crochet Instagrammer is Helene Janse van Rensburg AKA jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy. She says: “I’m a South African mommy and I’m brilliant with a crochet hook and some yarn! Come view my creations. I just know you never knew you had to have it.” She sells her items on Shoptsie, which you can glimpse via Facebook. Helene’s Instagram feed is all crochet and it’s all colorful, detailed and fun. This week she shared:

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet cotton baskets jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet cotton bunny washcloths jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet cotton dishcloths jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet dishcloths

Some of her previous shares include:

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet owl mitts jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet tshirt yarn rug jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet doily rug jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet lamp jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet flower art jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet t-shirt yarn bag

Top Twelve Crochet Photos

In addition to those of the featured Instagrammer and the themed categories below, my favorite top twelve standout crochet photos this week were:

1. Tapestry Crochet from tintocktap

tintocktap tapestry crochet

I’m loving these tapestry crochet squares from tintocktap – the collection grows week by week

2. Crochet Wheel Cover from stelcrochet

stelcrochet crochet wheel cover

What a terrific crochet tire cover from stelcrochet!

3. Crochet Chairs by Sabina Speich

sabinaspeich crochet chair

Yarnbombed crochet chairs from sabinaspeich

4. Crochet Boots by rubyjaneslane

rubyjaneslane crochet booties

Crochet boots from rubyjaneslane

5. Crochet Black Lace Square by rawrustic

rawrustic yarn

Working lace in black crochet – rawrustic

6. Crochet Cactus by Oksanamitsyak

oksanamitsyak crochet cactus

Crochet cactus from oksanamitsyak; see more crochet cacti

7. Pixel Flower Crochet Pillow by Marretjeroos

marretjeroos crochet pillow

Crochet pillow by marretjeroos

8. Crochet triangle garland by laura_makes

laura_makes crochet bunting

Colorful crochet bunting by laura_makes; check out crochet bunting on Pinterest

9. Granny Square Crochet Blanket by knitpurlhook

knitpurlhook crochet granny squares

I love the way that the black makes the colors pop on this granny square blanket by knitpurlhook

10. Crochet Design Notes by Emmaleithatelier

emmaleithatelier crochet notes

Emmaleithatelier shows how she keeps track of her crochet designs

11. Crochet Blankets by elzavan912

elzavan912 crochet blankets

Crochet blankets on wash day from elzavan912

12. And a two for one because I like how it matches:

cozamundo crochet zig zag

hanrosieg crochet zig zag

Zigzag crochet blocks by cozamundo and hanrosieg

Crochet Mandalas

A few more crochet mandalas popped into the feed this week, including some for the Mandalas For Marinke project.

readamy crochet mandala

Crochet mandala by readamy of the 100 Women Project

ovenbirdllc crochet mandala

ovenbirdllc’s crochet mandala

mickymidge crochet mandalas mickymidge crochet mandala

2 crochet mandalas from mickymidge for mandalasformarinke

makingpolly crochet mandalas

crochet mandalas by makingpolly

ls_girl crochet mandala

lcs_girl’s crochet mandala

loveagoodyarn crochet mandala

loveagoodyarn’s crochet mandala

gigididthis crochet christmas mandala

Christmas project crochet mandalas by gigididthis

ektelykke crochet mandalas ektelykke crochet mandala

crochet mandalas by ektelykke

Crochet Books and Magazines

Lots of people seemed to be sharing their crochet books and magazines this week.

creativedesignsbysheila crochet magazines

creativedesignsbysheila shared her molliemakes

ellisonamy crochet blanket

ellisonamy shared Edie Eckman’s book for crochet edgings

madebylouiza crochet books

and so did madebylouiza!

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet book

this beautiful page was shared by jorfuljaxcrochets.and.knits

louloudeane crochet mag

louloudeane was featured in Simply Crochet

Crochet with Kitties

Several folks had their kitties in their crochet pics this week.

ponytales_ yarn and kitty ponytales_ kitty and crochet jumper

ponytales_ shared the above two kitty photos

littlebirdiecrochet kitty on crochet rug

littlebirdiecrochet shared kitty on a crochet doily rug

elisabethandree crochet kitty

And here’s a kitty from elisabethandree

Crochet Treats

Lots of yummy crochet food in the feed this week – and some crochet with food too!

olivieartcreations crochet donut

Crochet donut from oliviartcreations

holly_pips crochet flowers

crochet flowers with a brownie from @holly_pips

flamingpot crochet ice cream flamingpot crochet dolls and donuts

Crochet ice cream, donuts and dolls from flamingpot

edibleish_crochet crochet ice cream

Crochet ice cream from edibleish_crochet

crochetinpaternoster crochet and chocolate

crochetinpaternoster with crochet and chocolate

Yarn And Hooks

Here are the photos that show the yarn and hooks folks are using this week:

stelcrochet crochet hook


sabrinamc7 crochet scarf


redrocker9 crochet wip


nelnanandnora crochet blanket


marretjeroos crochet moya yarn project


margaretev crochet yarn


makingpolly crochet flower


madebylouiza crochet dino


maddylopez324 yarn


louloudeane crochet cardi


elisabethandree crochet squares


stelcrochet crochet hooks


crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet cable hatcrochetingthruchronicdiseases

crochetbetweenworlds yarn


craftyexperiment crochet blanket


beckyrobinson84 crochet shawl


aglaelaser crochet shawl


flamingpot yarn


And More

abluebirdonmyshoulder crochet curtain abluebirdonmyshoulder crochet flower

Crochet curtain and flower from abluebirdonmyshoulder; see more crochet curtains here

ahappycrocheter crochet sophie ahappycrocheter crochet sophies

Crochet Sophies by ahappycrocheter

audra_hooknowl crochet dress audra_hooknowl crochet shawl

Crochet dress and shawl by audra_hooknowl

beccamathilde crochet doily rug

beccamathilde crochet mandala rug

candicedunlapmiller crochet candicedunlapmiller crochet detail

candicedunlapmiller crochet scarf

carefulcatherine crochet shoes

Crochet boots by carefulcatherine

ceyhan65 crochet rusticlacesquare

Crochet squares by ceyhan65

cozamundo crochet flowers

Crochet flowers by cozamundo

crochetbetweenworlds crochet blanket

Crochet blanket by crochetbetweenworlds

crochetgirl99 crochet blankets crochetgirl99 crochet coasters crochetgirl99 crochet mitts crochetgirl99 kitchen crochet

Crochet blankets, flowers, mitts and home from crochetgirl99

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet hats

crochet hats by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

crochetinpaternoster crochet and knit charity crochetinpaternoster crochet charity dress donation crochetinpaternoster crochet tshirt yarn rug

This week crochetinpaternoster shared other people’s great crochet including charity work

darna.82 crochet granny blanket

Crochet granny rectangle by darna.82

ektelykke crochet blanket ektelykke crochet fluffy

Fuzzy crochet blanket by ektelykke

elisabethandree crochet blankets elisabethandree crochet spider stitch elisabethandree crochet wips

Crochet blankets and WIPs by elisabethandree

elzavan912 crochet blanket

Crochet blanket by elzavan912

flamingpot crochet toy

Crochet toy by flamingpot

foxyloxy69 crochet scarf foxyloxy69 crochet granny square

Crochet scarf and granny square by foxyloxy69

frankielovescrochet crochet bandana cowl

Crochet bandana cowl by frankielovescrochet

gooseberryfool crochet blanket

crochet blanket by gooseberryfool

hayleyarious basketweave crochet

Basketweave crochet (above) and water bottle cozy (below) by hayleyarious

hayleyarious crochet bottle cozy

holly_pips chevron crochet

Chevron crochet by holly_pips

hooked__on__hooky crochet motifs hooked__on__hooky crochet squares

Crochet motifs by hooked__on__hooky

knitpurlhook crochet balloons knitpurlhook crochet blanket knitpurlhook crochet motif knitpurlhook crochet rugs knitpurlhook crochet squares knitpurlhook crochet wall art

the 6 beautiful photos above are from knitpurlhook

lisablue76 crochet motifs

Crochet motifs by lisablue76

littlebirdiecrochet jute crochet baskets

Crochet jute baskets by littlebirdiecrochet

littlecosythings crochet cat littlecosythings crochet superhero

Crochet cat and superheroes by littlecosythings

lou.teacrochet crochet dungarees lou.teacrochet granny crochet

Crochet dungarees and granny by lou.teacrochet

lyndapc crochet granny squares

Crochet squares by lyndapc

madebylouiza crochet dot blanket

Crochet blanket by madebylouiza

margaretev crochet and yarn organization

Craft organizing by margaretev

mlissabethgr crochet hat

Crochet hat by mlissabethgr

mobiusgirl crochet blocks

Crochet squares by mobiusgirl

moya_yarn crochet wrap

Crochet wrap by moya_yarn

oliviartcreations crochet hat oliviartcreations crochet octopus

Crochet baby hat and rainbow octopus by oliviartcreations

patternparadise crochet tank top pattern

Crochet tank top pattern from patternparadise

poppymaycreations crochet blanket poppymaycreations crochet hat poppymaycreations crochet hats

Crochet squares and hats from poppymaycreations

queen_babs crochet flowers queen_babs yarn message

Crochet inspiration from queen_babs. If you’re feeling down, read through the posts on her feed. She’s always got a way to bring a smile and thoughtfulness through her work.

rachelribbons crochet squares

Crochet squares by rachelribbons

raimarie16 chevron pom crochet raimarie16 crochet blanket

Crochet blankets by raimarie16

rawrustic crochet lace

Crochet lace by rawrustic

redrocker9 amigurumi crochet

Amigurumi crochet by redrocker9

rubyjaneslane camo crochet square rubyjaneslane crochet jar cozies

Camo granny and crochet jar cozies from rubyjaneslane

shirleyrainbow_tb crochet motifs garland

Crochet motifs by shirleyrainbow_tb

stelcrochet crochet granny squares

Crochet blanket (above) and outdoors crochet (below) from stelcrochet

stelcrochet outside crochet

stephaniedavies crochet flower stephaniedavies crochet slouch hat

Crochet flower and hat by stephaniedavies

stitchgwen crochet amigurumi stitchgwen crochet cardi

amigurumi and crochet card by stitchgwen

suzanne2017 crochet blanket

Crochet bag and blanket by suzanne2017

thecosmiccrafter_ crochet dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher crochet by thecosmiccrafter_

thecraftpixie crochet card

Handmade crochet card by thecraftpixie

thegirllovesyarn crochet ladybug

Crochet ladybug from thegirllovesyarn

thepolkadotgiraffe crochet granny

Granny crochet (above) and star ripple (below) from thepolkadotgiraffe

thepolkadotgiraffe crochet ripple blanket

winterbeachbymab crochet flowers

Crochet flowers from winterbeachbymab

witzomer crochet coaster

Crochet coaster by witzomer

wrappedwithlovebymichelle crochet blanket

Crochet blanket from wrappedwithlovebymichelle

My Crochet On Instagram

This week I’ve mostly been working on thread crochet mandalas, mostly double-stranded. I also made a new crochet kitchen dishcloth and some new crochet wall art for my bathroom.

thread crochet red white blue mandala thread crochet mandalasformarinke thread crochet mandala red detail thread crochet mandala red thread crochet mandala gold thread crochet mandala crochet wall art crochet dishtowel


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Elisabeth Andree Reply

    Hi Kathryn!

    How do you get so many beautiful crochet creations in one round up? Your own mandala’s look wonderful! Helene Janseat is a great choice I think as the featured crocheter this week, she makes lovely things. And thanks so much for letting my white spiders and white squares be part of this review!

    Best wishes for the new week ahead!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks so much! I was happy to be able to feature Helene’s work this week. I’m lucky to have so many people tagging their great crochet photos and wanting to be a part of this. It’s inspiring to look at those each week and round them up to share with others! Always appreciate your contributions, too!

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