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Mandalas For Marinke

mandalas for marinke

At the end of June, crochet designer Marinke Slump became a victim of suicide. This impacted me deeply and caused me to launch the Mandalas For Marinke art project to raise awareness about depression. (I’ve recently written a post about what it’s like being in depression here.) Here are the posts that were done for that project in July (with many more to follow in the months to come!) You can still contribute: details here.


2 beautiful crochet mandalas from Laura in IN


Thread crochet mandala by Carolina in FL


Cotton crochet mandala by Aurelia in OK


Lovely crochet mandala by Susan in KS


Special crochet mandala from Gayle in NV


Neon crochet mandala from Karen in WV

justbehappy mandalasformarinke

Spoke mandala from Alessandra in WA

charissa crochet mandalaformarinke

Charissa’s crochet mandala contribution

Karen's crochet mandalas for marinke

Big and small crochet mandalas by Karen in KS

monika mandalasformarinke

Crochet spoke mandala from Monika in Germany

thread crochet snowflake mandala

Snowflake crochet mandala from Deborah aka Snowcatcher


Anonymous UK crochet mandala contribution


3 thread crochet mandalas from Jude in Canada

mandalas for marinke

Crochet spoke mandala from Sara in North Wales

blue crochet mandala

Anonymous blue crochet mandala (no longer anonymous! by Sara)

annemaries mandalasformarinke

Pink crochet mandala from Annemarie in Netherlands

corinne crochet mandala

Standard crochet mandala from Corinne (cozamundo) in England

elisabethandree crochet mandalasformarinke

Crochet mandala from Dutch blogger Elisabeth Andree

Lynne's Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

Crochet mandalas from Lynne in CA

sabina crochet mandala

Crochet mandala from Sabina in Switzerland

princessandthebear mandalasformarinke crochet mandala

Crochet mandala from PrincessandtheBearUK

kelly mandalasformarinke

Sunny crochet mandala from Kelly in Georgia

sarah stitchhikers crochet mandala for mandalasformarinke

Inspirational crochet mandala from Sarah of Stitchhikers in CA


Crochet mandala from Amy in CT

valerie crochet mandala for mandalasformarinke

Two crochet mandalas from Valerie of @thegirllovesyarn

anonymous crochet mandala for mandalasformarinke

Touching anonymous contribution

clare's crochet mandala contribution to mandalasformarinke

Crochet mandala from Clare of @frankielovescrochet

anonymous crochet mandalasformarinke

Special anonymous crochet contribution

marinke slump

You can also see 5 variations on one mandala pattern here. See how Instagram first responded to Wink’s death. And read Wink’s story from Crochet Saved My Life.

Crochet Art

mixed media crochet art

Sculpture workshop by crochet artist Bonnie Meltzer

crochet flower art

Update on Flower Power Crochet Art Project

crochet artist kate jenkins

25 new examples of inspiring crochet art


This month’s featured crochet Instagrammers:

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet cotton dishcloths


elzavan912 crochet blocking


crochetgirl99 crochet coasters


Crochet Books

colorful crochet lace book

Colorful Crochet Lace Book Review

imagical seasons crochet books

Imagical Seasons Author Interview

crochet bags book

Simply Stunning Crocheted Bags

creative crochet book

7 Must-Find Vintage Crochet Books including Afghan Traditions + 1969 Vintage Craft Book

crochet books

25 2015 Crochet and Craft Books

Crochet Fashion

chanel crochet skirt

22 more stunning examples of high fashion crochet

Crochet Health

happily hooked crochet

Crochet Heals Maggie

happily hooked 2015 crochet health

Crochet Heals Rebecca

Crochet Patterns

crochet flower pattern

Easy Chunky Crochet Flower Pattern

rainbow crochet mandala

9 crochet mandala patterns by Marinke

crochet circle vest

10 openwork crochet patterns

red white blue crochet booties pattern

10 red, white and blue crochet patterns

crochet scarf pattern

12 more crochet scarf and cowl patterns

crochet shawl pattern

14 new crochet shawl patterns

v-stitch and bobbles crochet pattern set

20+ matching crochet pattern sets

free crochet pouf pattern

20+ new crochet patterns for the home

crochet cuff pattern

25 new crochet jewelry and accessories patterns

crochet baby booties pattern

35 new crochet patterns for kids

Crochet Tips and Tutorials

finger crochet tutorial

How to Finger Crochet


How to FPDC2tog

tall crochet stitches

How to Crochet Tall Stitches and Still Maintain Tension

rainbow yarn darn good yarn

Tips for Working with Multiple Strands of Yarn

Other Crochet Inspiration

denver yarnbomb

July Holiday Crochet Ideas

modme crochet jewelry

Modme Easy to Make Crochet Jewelry Kits

crochet loom flower blocks

11 Beautiful Examples of Mixed Media / Mixed Technique Crochet

Crochet News

crochet awards

I’m one of the judges in the 3rd Quarter of The Crochet Awards

twinkie chan crochet

14 new yarn and crochet interviews + 11 more interesting people who crochet

Yarn Stuff

knit picks yarn

Understanding Yarn Twist and Ply

darn good yarn banana fiber

Darn Good Yarn Monthly Box

tshirt yarn

Wool and the Gang T-shirt Yarn Crochet Kits

merino wool yarn

Infographic Guide to Wool

My Crochet

t-shirt yarn crochet bath mats

T-shirt Yarn Crochet Bath Rugs

KnitTheOVAL knitteapolis yarnbombing project

KnitTheOVAL yarnbombing contribution


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