As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of crochet art. I love seeing the unique and original things that people can do with crochet, putting it together in ways that the rest of us haven’t thought of. If you’re also a fan then you might like today’s round up 25 new examples of inspiring, interesting crochet art.

crochet artist kate jenkins

@derryerkan shared the work of crochet artist Kate Jenkins, who I’ve profiled previously here and here

crochet snail

Crochet snail in real shell by amigurama via @knithacker; see more crochet snails here

crochet butterflies art

Lacemakers and crocheters in Northern England contributed to Lace Gone Wild, an outdoor art exhibit at the Wallington Estate on display in May.

olek crochet art

Crochet artist Olek decorates for Brooklyn Museum’s Artists Ball & Dance Party 2015. She also had art chairs on exhibit at Todd Merrill Contemporary for Collective Design Fair 2015.

crochet art

Magda de Lange of Pigtails shared some stunning photos and terrific information of artist Wael Shawky’s glass-blown crusaders dressed in period piece costumes including crochet

crochet art

I’m in love with this Teatime Crochet Wall Art by Lazy Hobbyhopper

crochet flowers

@hijennybrown shared “These blossoms are for an upcoming collaborative installation by yarnbombers @NaomiRAG and Caustic Wear (@causticsoda).” Photo by @fcollected

crochet science art

@jealouscurator shared the crochet mold art of Elin Thomas

crochet wisteria

News article about #100womenproject: “Reader asked for 100 vines but has received more than 400 from 15 countries. “I’m insanely overwhelmed by the openness of the women who shared their art and their stories”. Thanks to any of my readers and Instagram followers who joined me in contributing wisteria vines to this project! (photo above were few of the ones I sent in)

crochet art sheep

Crochet art sheep by @mamastherapy; reminds me of the work by Leslie Blackmon and Kate Jenkins

beaded crochet jewelry

@crochetkween did a terrific crochet interview with Turkish crafting mother/ daughter team Sebahat and Aysegul from Irregular Expressions

Devilry en profil links torso

Beautiful new sculpture crochet work from Nathalie Doolaard

crochet wire tree

Crochet wire tree leaves from Butterfly Rainforest WIP by StudioDeanna

crochet driftwood sailboat

Crochet driftwood sailboat from @gleefulthings; made me think of the driftwood crochet art of Gooseflesh. See more driftwood crochet here.

crochet mori exhibit

Romantic Mori Collection Crochet Exhibit from Maya of Little Treasures

crochet art doll

Mixed media art doll with new crochet flower brooch by Hello Hart!

mixed media crochet art doll

Mixed media crochet art doll by Greedy for Colour

light up crochet doll

“Tina Fox has created Dolly, an immense, 3m-tall light-up doll made entirely from crochet, for Vivid Sydney.” She calls it crochet on an architectural scale and would eventually like to crochet an entire building.

crochet doll

Kimmy Schmidt amigurumi doll with light up shoes by Allison Hoffman via @knithacker


John Waters and Divine amigurumi dolls via @DangerMindsBlog; these remind me a bit of the work of Andy Aguilar

crochet art

Check out the wonderful eWoodStory mini Masterpiece frames with their artwork in crochet, knit, embroidery and more via @stitchstory; here’s mine

crochet flower

Akua shares: “I installed my first mega flower, made out of polypropylene rope. I heard the kids squeal and saw them pause, look and talk about it. I feel joy.”


Smera, a Bengaluru-based fibre-artist, says: “A lot of women know how to crochet or knit. But all of them do it within the constraints of their home. Yarn bombing turns these housewives or other women, and even men, into street artists.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.59.39 PM

The LA Times did an interview with scientific crochet artist Margaret Wertheim about the coral reef crochet project and more


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  1. I am so impressed with the beautiful artwork and the talent shown on these pictures.
    Have never seen wire crochet before.

  2. Barbara Reichard Reply

    I am speechless ( that’s a lot for me). This is one of the most amazing posts I have seen in a long time. Each one was just so creative. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful pieces of art. The talent of these crocheters/artists is terrific.

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