It’s always fun to crochet scarves and cowls. They’re usually quick to work up and don’t typically take up too much yarn but you can still get a lot of satisfaction from them with interesting stitch patterns and color choices. Here are 12 more crochet scarf and cowl patterns designed by various people in 2015.

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crochet scarf pattern

Crochet scarf free pattern from Magda de Lange of Pigtails

free crochet scarf pattern

Free crochet scarf pattern @mooglyblog

crochet wrap free pattern

Free crochet wrap pattern: ASKEW @jessie_athome

crochet silk sari scarf pattern

Silk sari yarn crochet scarf pattern for sale from @jbhcrochet

crochet scarf pattern

Candy scarf crochet symbol chart pattern free from ByHaafner

crochet scarf free pattern

Crochet scarf free pattern @fiberflux

crochet shawl pattern

Whispering Flowers crochet infinity scarf pattern for sale from crochetbird

crochet cowl free pattern broomstick lace

My broomstick lace and tall stitches free crochet cowl pattern @redheartyarns

crochet cowl free pattern

Crochet cowl free pattern from @crochetspot

crochet cowl pattern

One skein crochet cowl pattern for sale from @poetryinyarn

crochet cowl pattern

Fringe cowl free crochet pattern from @PoshCrochetKnit

crochet cowl free pattern

Crochet cowl free pattern from CraftyBegonia


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  1. It looks like the @fiberflux one was inspired by your work Kathryn

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