You can combine crochet with a variety of other materials to make unique items. You can also combine crochet with other techniques (knitting combined with crochet in one piece is a common example). Here are eleven beautiful recent examples of mixed media and mixed technique crochet.

crochet loom flower blocks

Crochet and Loom Flower free scarf pattern from @byhaafner

mixed media crochet art gloves

Hello Hart shared beautiful knit, crochet and embroidery fingerless gloves made for her daughter

How to Cross Stitch on Crochet

How to Cross Stitch on Crochet @bhookedcrochet

crochet hot water bottle

Cross Stitch on crochet hot water bottle free pattern by @sandracherryhrt. See other crochet + cross stitch here.

fox crochet blanket

Crochet fox lovey blanket free pattern @repeatcrafterme

hanging crochet plastic bottles

How to upcycle plastic bottles with crochet to make hanging pen holders

crochet necklace tutorial

How to crochet a curb necklace from @bhookedcrochet

crochet bracelet free pattern

Freshwater pearls and beaded crochet bracelet free pattern @fiberflux

crochet art mural

Mixed media crochet art mural at Immingham elderly day centre

crochet art brooch

Mixed media crochet brooch by Little Treasures for Romantic Mori Collection; see more Mori Crochet here

crochet bag

Mixed media lace, ribbon, buttons and beads crochet bag from @acreativebeing. Although Wink was known for her mandalas, she also created many other crochet patterns and designs. This was one of the most recent creations and it’s one that many, many people have mentioned to me that they love.


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