There are a lot of upcycling crochet ideas in my roundup of eco-friendly crochet from back in 2013 but that was quite some time ago so I thought I’d add some new ideas with a fresh roundup.

t-shirt yarn bakers twine

How to Make T-shirt Yarn Baker’s Twine from bilingual blog Nur Noch via @recyclart

vintage crochet dress

“Mark Bridges, Oscar nominated costume designer for Inherent Vice, is leading the pack toward the future of fashion.” He explains that this vintage crochet dress worn by Katherine Waterson was a thrift store find that he dyed a bit to make the color brighter.

upcycled table

Old table upcycled with crochet

daniellajoe crochet upcycled stool

Stool upcycled with crochet from daniellajoe

crochet covered stool

More crochet-covered stools from upcycling artist Samantha Claire Wilson

floral magda van der vloed

Recycled telephone wire crochet from artist Magda van der Vloed

upcycle crochet apron

Plastic and paper bags upcycled with crochet to make an apron – tutorial on Etsy blog

crochet jars

How to Update Jars with Crochet Covers via @creativejmom

crochet edging

@sandracherryhrt shares how she saved shrunken socks with a crochet upcycle

little_v_and_me upcycled jeans crochet

Denim upcycled into a crochet rag rug from little_v_and_me

crochet cage skirt

Gina Michelle uses recycled plastic bottle yarn to crochet this cage skirt

plarn puff stitch crochet tote

My Recycled Bags shared a free crochet pattern for making a plarn crochet wheelchair tote

upcycled crochet bag

Crochet Dynamite offers a free pattern for upcycling capri sun bags with crochet to make a magazine tote bag.

aluminum can crochet hat

Aluminum can crochet hat made by KatsCoolCreations on Etsy

upcycled doily dress

20 crochet dresses made of doilies

Enjoy upcycling? You might like these 20 upcycled sweater tutorials.


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