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Last week we took a look at ten beautiful crocodile stitch kids’ crochet patterns from Bonita Patterns, one of this month’s blog sponsors. I thought you might like to know a little bit more about this great crochet designer who has really cornered the niche of crocodile stitch crochet (but does other great designs, too).

About Bonita Patterns

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Bonita Patterns is a Maryland-based business that sells both knitting patterns and crochet patterns. They share, “Our goal is to create beautiful and modern crochet & knitting designs that you will be excited to spend your valuable time creating.” They add that they “strive to help enrich our community by bringing together people from all walks of life through fiber arts” and hope to change the world one stitch at a time. They offer crochet patterns in English as well as some in Spanish and French. Additionally, they sell yarn and jewelry accessories.

About Lianka

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One of the crochet pattern designers behind Bonita Patterns is Lianka Azulay. She was born in Brazil where she learned to crochet at the age of seven and she says that she has been crocheting avidly ever since. Bonita Patterns is really well-known for the use of truly unique crochet stitches, especially the popular crocodile stitch in crochet, and Lianka is the designer behind this great development.

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In fact, she is the author of Crocodile Stitch Fashions. She shares on Etsy, “Bonita means pretty in my first language, Portuguese, so I thrive to create, surprise, surprise… beautiful designs. My goal is to write patterns that are easy and clear to read that artisans at any level can enjoy trying them out.”

The Rest of the Team

Bonita Patterns is more than just Lianka, though. The team also includes crochet and jewelry designer Rachel Azulay, model and business director Luanna Azulay, pattern support and tech editor Janet Smith and go-to guy (and Lianka’s hubby) Will Seabrook.

What I Love Most

crocodile stitch crochet patterns

Here are the things that I really like about Lianka and Bonita Patterns:

  • They offer truly creative designs emphasizing the use of unique stitches, especially crocodile crochet stitch. I really adore the full range of designs Bonita Patterns has made available using this stitch pattern.
  • I appreciate the way that Lianka embraces the ability of each person in crochet to go further and further with the craft. She acknowledges that her crochet patterns could be considered intermediate or advanced but really encourages anyone to give them a go.
  • They support the belief that crochet heals. They say, “Anyone who has ever created something with their hands knows the immense feeling of joy it brings. Crocheting & knitting have long been a form of bonding, therapy, and even financial independence for many and we want to spread this joy to every person we meet along our journey.”

Learn more about Bonita Patterns here.


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