crochet wisteria vines

My contributions to #100WomenProject, 2015

I mentioned last month in an article about graduate student Amy Readers #100WomenProject that I’ve increasingly been contacted by students at all levels who are studying crochet. One of those students was a sixteen-year-old high school student who needed to do a presentation on a crochet artist for her Fabric Arts final. I was touched that she reached out to me, since I only somewhat consider myself an artist in this way, and it was great to really think about my experiences making crochet art.

flower crochet art

Flower Power Project, 2015, collaborative piece made with my mother

I shared with her:

I learned to crochet when I was a child but didn’t really do much with it until I was in my late 20s. I was going through a battle with depression and there wasn’t a whole lot that I had energy for but I remembered that I liked to crochet when I was young so I decided to learn again. I began with making basic scarves and blankets but then began to create a variety of art in crochet. I love that this is a form of self-expression that I can embrace even though I’m not skilled at arts like drawing, painting or sculpting!


Yarnopolis, YBLA collaborative project, 2014

I have been working as a crochet artist for about five years. I like to use hyperbolic crochet techniques to create three-dimensional objects including abstract flowers. I would say that my style is abstract but inspired by organic shapes. I am inspired by nature, color and texture. I enjoy creating the original piece and then I also enjoy photographing it and manipulating the photos with filters and editing tools. I also really like contributing to large collaborative group projects and exhibits and am happy to adapt my style to fit the needs of projects like that.

crochet ring art

Put a Ring On It, 2014

I do try to include my crochet projects on my main website under My Artsy Side. Some more:

crochet squares

Contributed Granny Squares to CAFAM: Granny Squared at Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum

crochet art

Papergirl SF 2012; I submitted both 3D crochet art and photographic manipulations of images of those 3D pieces

eco-friendly crochet

Contribution to 2011 Something in the Water eco-art project, making plarn crochet breasts to raise awareness of the damage that plastics due to water around the world

crochet flower art

Flower art WIP


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