Summer is just about here. There are a few awesome things that you can do to update your home and be on trend for the season. From going eco-friendly with solar power to learning how to macrame, these five summer trends could be right for you.

1. Solar Power


With the recent popularity of smart thermostats and TVs, bracelets and refrigerators, and home automation software kits, one emerging home trend to consider is a smart energy source like Sunrun solar service, which can power all the technology in our homes.


Many homeowners who go solar do so specifically to save money in the summer months, when the sun is out the longest and air conditioning costs are the highest of the year. Electricity from Sunrun is more affordable than electricity from your utility, which means that you can use the service to set aside more money for vacations, family fun and of course more yarn! It’s an affordable eco-friendly option to consider for your home.


Want to get in on this trend? Enter the Sunrun sweepstakes on Facebook for a chance to win a Nest Learning Thermostat!

2. Xeriscaping


If you’re not familiar with it, xeriscaping is a method of designing your landscape to reduce or eliminate the need for extra water. It relies on strategically placed native plant life to create a beautiful design for your yard without putting extra pressure on the global environment. It’s a concept that’s been around for a long time but it’s trending this summer and it’s something that we all need to consider. If you’re planning to re-do your yard this season, consider going low-impact on the earth!

3. Oversized Art

crochet taxidermy art

Crochet taxidermy art by Elaine Bradford

Home decor experts say that the trend of creation gallery-style art displays in the home is on the way out and is being replaced with oversized art pieces. This makes me happy because I’ve been working on some mixed media crochet art canvases for my own home so I’m unintentionally right on trend! There are so many fun things that you can do with crochet art. A summer art project might be right for you. Animal art is also on trend so maybe you should do a big crochet taxidermy art project!

4. Shibori Prints

Shibori is a type of Japanese fabric that looks a bit like contemporary tye-dye. It’s suddenly super popular for the home and it makes sense for summer because it’s lightweight and airy. There are a few people out there creating projects and patterns for shibori-inspired crochet and felting work. Might be fun to try that this summer!

5. Macrame

neoprene yarn macrame

It seems like macrame is popping up everywhere. I recently went to my LYS and mentioned that I’d be using their neoprene yarn for macrame and the woman working there said that she’d just seen a bunch of high-end macrame jewelry selling for huge prices in Europe. I know that I’m enjoying the resurgence of this old craft. It’s worth a try if you want to explore something new for summer. Use it to create crochet plant holders, rugs, wall art and more!

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