A couple of months ago I published 2 dozen things you might want to know about yarn. Still want to know more? Here are eleven more links to additional things you might like to know about yarn.

cotton crochet

10 Tips for Crocheting with Cotton Yarn @becraftsy

yarn dye

Huckleberry Knits yarn dye interview from Illuminate Crochet


@gocrochet interviewed @thefiberseed, a family fiber business

granny square crochet multi

@planetjune explains about yarn for amigurumi, especially for folks outside of North America

dmc cotton yarn

DMC’s Natura Just Cotton Yarn recommended by Little Wendy Crochet


@sandracherryhrt shared her yarn color cards; these ones are Rico Baby Classic DK yarn

yarn scraps

How to DIY multicolor yarn from your yarn scraps from Crochetology

yarn dye

Yarn dyer interview with Three Fates Yarn via Illuminate Crochet

blending board yarn

Forever in Fibre shared how a yarn blending board works


How to read yarn labels from Stitch and Unwind


Juniper Moon Farm shared sheep shearing day photos. And Aaron over at The Fiber Arts blog says that PETA, though perhaps well-intentioned about revealing problems in the wool industry, has got it wrong when it comes to most fiber farms.


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