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Here is this week’s edition of crochet link love where I try to support the crochet community by sharing links to the best of the best in crochet art, crochet patterns, crochet fashion and more from around the web this week.

Sponsor Love

Nakkashe crochet jewelry inspired by flowers

Wow! Check out the beautiful thread crochet necklaces from Nakkashe. This shop specializes in original, unique, handmade boho chic jewelry and accessories inspired by flowers and other amazing things in nature.

Something Special


Shop my store. You can buy huge yarn for extreme crochet, macrame and knit jewelry as well as lots of different types of DIY project kits.

Crochet Quote

knit crochet hat pattern

“Time and time again I’m reminded of the beauty in simplicity. Don’t get me wrong – I love a complex, gorgeous, time-consuming project as much as the next girl….but those aren’t the ones that I end up coming back to over and over again. I’m much more likely to return to a simple, sweet, and quick pattern that I can whip out in just a few hours.” – Melody’s Makings

Crochet Art

light up crochet doll

“Tina Fox has created Dolly, an immense, 3m-tall light-up doll made entirely from crochet, for Vivid Sydney.” She calls it crochet on an architectural scale and would eventually like to crochet an entire building.

crochet flower wreath

Crochet flower wreath art from Akua Lezli Hope

vasconcelos crochet art bull

Hello Hart highlighted the work of crochet artist Joana Vasconcelos in her terrific post on how knitting and crochet have influenced home decor

Crochet Designers

crochet wedding dress

Hairpin lace interview with crochet designer Tammy Hildebrand (@hotlavacrochet) by @UCrafter. Tammy also shared some information over @crochetme about the wedding dress, shown above, that she designed for Interweave Crochet Summer 2015. See other crochet wedding dress here.

crochet octopus squid

Forever in Fibre explained how she adapted a Mohu amigurumi pattern to suit her own crochet preferences. More styles here.

crochet class

@kpwerker has a new @becraftsy online crochet class


@stitchstory reminded us that the @cgoaboard crochet design competition is coming up, with entries due July 1st and judging on July 22nd.

Crochet Fashion

crochet bolero

Ralph Lauren designer crochet bolero via Outstanding Crochet

10 fashion designers who put crochet on the runway via @aboutathome @aboutdotcom; this one is Katie Jones Knits

crochet pants

@crochet_stuff rounded up 7 beautiful crochet trousers; see more crochet pants here

neoprene crochet bracelet

Neoprene crochet bracelet by Neo. I’m doing macrame with neoprene yarn right now. Crochet in Paternoster noticed and posted about it and about Neo on Facebook, which led me to find their cool creations, which include crochet handbags, home furnishings and jewelry all in neoprene.

Crochet Patterns

crochet baby poncho

Flower square crochet baby poncho free pattern from creJJtion

crochet baby blanket free pattern

Crochet baby blanket free pattern from Marly Bird

crochet shawl patter

Free crochet shawl pattern from Undeniable Glitter

crochet bag

Boho purse free crochet pattern from @acreativebeing

crochet granny bonnet free pattern

Crochet granny bonnet free pattern @fiberflux

crochet cloche hat

Crochet cloche hat pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey

crochet cupcake blanket

Crochet cupcake pixel blanket free pattern @repeatcrafterme

crochet shawl free pattern

Broomstick lace crochet shawl pattern free from @ucrafter via Stitch and Unwind

basketweave pillow free crochet pattern

Basketweave pillow free crochet pattern from @LittleMCrochet

crochet rug pattern

Spring crochet rug free pattern @squirrelpicnic

button crochet flower pattern

Button crochet flower free pattern from @fiberflux; see other crochet + button projects here

free crochet necklace pattern

Free crochet necklace pattern from @jessie_athome

crochet barefoot sandals pattern

Barefoot sandals pattern set for sale from @crochetspot; see more crochet barefoot sandals patterns here

crochet baby shoes

Crochet baby flip flops pattern for sale from @monpetitviolon

crochet mandala pattern

Crochet mandala free pattern from @RescuedPaw

tshirt yarn crochet basket pattern

T-shirt yarn crochet basket free pattern from Crochet in Paternoster

crochet hat pattern

Men’s chemo cap free crochet hat pattern from @elkstudio_

basketweave crochet baby hat

Basketweave crochet baby hat free pattern from @olgalacycrochet

crochet owl pattern

Barn owl baby toy set crochet pattern for sale from Illuminate Crochet

striped rice bag crochet pattern

Striped rice bag crochet pattern for sale via @mooglyblog. Moogly also shared part two of her free pattern set for the Greek alphabet.

zipper purse crochet pattern

Woven stitch zippered crochet purse free pattern @myhobbyiscroche

tapestry crochet basket free pattern

Lilliputian baskets free tapestry crochet pattern from [email protected] and a variation on the pattern here

crochet mandala free pattern

Crochet mandala hoop free pattern and tutorial from @mamainastitch

Crochet Tutorials

crochet stitch pattern

Free crochet stitch pattern @monpetitviolon

crochet stitches

Crochet wave stitch tutorial by @oombawkadesign

bead crochet patterns

How to read a bead crochet pattern @freshstitches

crochet flower pot

How to make a crochet flower pot from @vickyfully of String Theory Crochet

Crochet Tips

sell your crochet

10 Tips for Selling your Crochet Projects and Patterns @becraftsy

crochet hand pain

6 tips for dealing with crochet hand pain by @artlikebread on @crochetspot; see some hand exercises here

crochet book

4+ tips about crochet terminology from @planetjune, author of this guide to crochet

crochet tools

Little Cosy Things shares what’s in her crochet toolbox that she recommends to others

Crochet News and Info

crochet heals

A woman named Joan lost her husband after almost 68 years of marriage. She’d cared for him when he lost his legs to diabetes and held his hand when he passed away in hospice. She used crochet to cope with the sorrow of losing him.

Yarn Stuff

tshirt yarn

How to Make T-shirt Yarn for Cozy Knitting and Crochet Projects @becraftsy

yarn shops

14 yarn shops on Etsy via @NYAcrochet

bbys yarns

Marly Bird interviewed Abby’s Yarns on the Yarn Thing podcast

Other Crafty Things


How to make a terrarium DIY via @apttherapy

yarn ball stamp

How to make a stamped clay yarn ball charm via @repeatcrafterme; here’s another rubber stamp set to consider

rope masks

Rope masks by Fontanel via Swiss Miss

art podcast

Art for your Ear is a brand new art podcast from @jealouscurator

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