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The following posts were published by bloggers in 2015, offering more than five dozen tips to improve your crochet no matter what level you are at!

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Tips for engaging in Slow Stitching, an intentional, mindful, creative crafting practice

freeform crochet

10 Crochet Tips for Freeform Crochet @becraftsy (image by Renate Kirkpatrick)


5 Tips for Getting out of a Crafty Color Rut by Ashley Martineau @becraftsy

crochet scarf tips

Crochet scarf sizing tips @fiberflux

gauge stitch

5 tips for getting accurate row gauge @freshstitches

crochet sweater pattern

Rohn Strong offers crochet sweater pattern tips @crochetme

crochet hat pattern

Tips for crochet hat sizing from Country Willow

seamless crochet

Tips and Tricks for Seamless Crochet from @spincushions

crochet tips

7 Helpful Crochet Hints from Illuminate Crochet

crochet robot pattern

Tips on choosing eyes for amigurumi @freshstitches

crochet wips

8 Tips to Conquer your Crochet WIPs from @artlikebread on @crochetspot

crochet kitten

Crochet business tips from @crochetkitten


10 Tips for Crafting your own Community Project @hijennybrown

yarn blends

3 tips for combining yarns from @crochetkitten

cat crochet

8 Tips when Crocheting for Cats from Illuminate Crochet


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