crochet art

I am a huge fan of crochet art. I love all the different varieties and inspirations that artists explore through crochet. Here are twenty examples of beautiful crochet art.

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crochet poppy art

Cher Coburn makes what she calls “crofusion” – crochet and felted artwork like this poppy

crochet art olek

Crochet artist Olek did a special project in Delhi – “to “dress up” one of the women night shelters in Sarai Kale Khan with her crochet designs, as part of the second edition of St+Art festival”.

crochet heart yarnbomb

Bath in Fashion 2015 crochet heart yarn bomb via @emmaleithbox

crochet art yarnbomb

““Unraveling Stories” is an experimental exhibition that explores a single object: the largest hooked rug in the museum’s collection. “Unraveling Stories” will share four stories through the rug: the story of the artistic tradition from which it came, the narrative story depicted in its images, the scientific story behind the experimental materials used in its making, and the personal story of the artist who made it.” Sharon Silverman designed a crochet yarn bomb for the exhibit that was inspired by the rug.

sleep masks

Food art sleep masks by @twinkiechan

crochet art

Gina Rose Gallina crochet art exhibit “Yarnolutionary” reminds me a little of the Miss Van + Olek collaboration

crochet candy

@mattscraftyblog is crocheting up a bunch of lovely candies

crochet heart jewelry

Wire crochet heart pendant by @randichervitz of Uncommon Threads

crochet sculpture art by Nathalie doolaard

Sculptural crochet art from Nathalie Doolaard

crochet ceramic sculpture art

Student Lindsey Wilson combines ceramics with crochet in a sculpture collection called On the Mend that “is loosely representational of organs in the human body”.

crochet art

Crochet installation art piece by Catalina Bauer

crochet ceramic art

Spending time in hospital after a bike accident inspired fine art graduate Angharad Rees to create relaxing and therapeutic environments for patients. “During her masters degree she made art work placed in hospitals to “intrigue and calm” patients, including knitting, stitching and crochet dipped in fine china and fired.”

crochet sweater art

“She got sick when I was 29. When I was thirty, she died. It was January. Cold. I curled up with my crochet hook and I kept my hands busy.” – San Francisco art installation, March 2015, artist Angela Simione

crochet art

Crochet space art from String Theory Crochet

crochet zombie

Crochet zombie art from Kim Sofia

crochet art

“Hog gut joined to dried avocado shells with crochet in various threads” by crochet artist Karen Searle

crochet art hat

Crochet art hats by Brain Blankets, described on Facebook as “Preventing Synapse Collapse and Inspiring Intelligence by Wrapping Your Mind in a Smart Crochet Chapeau with Unforeseen Fashion Sense”

crochet eye pad

Crochet Eye-pad by String Theory Crochet

crochet wreaths

Lucy of Attic 24 shared her crochet wreaths


Yarn bombers have descended on the Santa Clarita Valley and are bringing not only an art statement to Old Town Newhall, but a sense of community.”


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  1. I love seeing signs of crochet art all over the place – definitely not a lost art!

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  3. hijennybrown Reply

    Angela Simione’s work is so interesting and touching. Thank you for sharing it and all the other great pieces in this round-up.

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