crochet saved my life

Every person who crochets has a story. Every story is unique and special. Here are eleven of those crochet stories from people who crochet – young and old, famous and unknown. They are healing themselves and others with their craft.

vanna white

Vanna White explains in a video interview that she learned to crochet at age five from her grandma then re-learned when she started on Wheel of Fortune, beginning by crocheting baby blankets for friends. Photo is from an old Etsy crochet interview with Vanna.

crochet hats for Shaken Baby Syndrome

Prisoners in the Restorative Justice Program at the Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Vandalia, Missouri are making crochet hats to help raise awareness about shaken baby syndrome. I’m a huge fan of prison crochet as it provides a productive, creative way for inmates to use their time to do things like this that help others in the community.

“Rogers Park Montessori fourth-grader started her own charity project called Crochet to Care, and she’s raised $150 for suburban Riverwoods animal shelter Orphans of the Storm since January by selling her hand-crocheted ear warmers.”

crochet charity

Women crochet to help Congo schools. “Beginning with four ladies learning to crochet in January of 2012, the Congo Necklace Project at Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church has generated over $21,000 at the end of 2014.”

people who crochet

Although Ms. Van Duin is “battling terminal bone cancer and osteoporosis, she continues to knit and crochet to donate blankets to those who need them.” source

prison crochet program

CRADLE is a knitting and crochet program for women in a community based correctional facility. “This is just one of the many ways residents are able to give back. We encourage all of our residents to find positive, pro social hobbies that sort of take up some of their time. We are all about structure. The idea to teach women to crochet just bloomed into this wonderful outreach into the community.”

elderly crochet

Woman with memory loss crochets prayer shawls daily.

elderly crochet

“Antoinette DiGiacomo, 96, spends her days making (crochet) blankets for charity at her home in McGee Ranch.”

people who crochet

“Twenty Upper School students in the Ranney Knit/Crochet Club have been busy knitting and crocheting hats, scarves and blankets. They have donated 10-15 blankets and more than 30 hats to newborns at Riverview Medical Center’s maternity/ nursery ward as part of a new Saved by a Stitch program.”

crochet purses

“A novice crocheter from Epping who won the ‘Funky Bag’ award at the Waltham Abbey Wool Show dedicated the win to her recently deceased grandmother.”

crochet saves lives

“Seeing all the colours of my yarn, envisioning a product, designing it and finally finishing it all give me varying levels of satisfaction, and joy. It’s a great tool to shut my mind down and not think about the bad things, and by the time I am done fighting the darkness in my head, I’ve created something that’s beautiful and usable.” – From a powerful post about crocheting through mental illness from @theladiesfinger


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  2. I belong to two groups one of which does charity work for V A. We see many healing miracles ocurring among the group. It seems that doing for

  3. Stephanie Foust Reply

    There are about a dozen of we senior citizens living in a senior high-rise in Columbus, Ohio that accept donated yarn to make hats & scarves for the local homeless.

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