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Here is this week’s edition of crochet link love where I try to support the crochet community by sharing links to the best of the best in crochet art, crochet patterns, crochet fashion and more from around the web this week.

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creative yarn entrepreneur

Have you listened to this Indie Yarncrafts Business podcast by @UCrafter? You can listen to episodes of the Show here on the website, or on iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, or TuneIn.

It’s NatCroMo!


It’s National Crochet Month and tons of great giveaways, patterns and ideas are happening all month long! Here are a couple of things going on:

Also, @UCrafter has a roundup of 10 ideas for celebrating NatCroMo.

Something Special: Contribute

women crochet project

I received a lead from Flo about this cool crochet project that we can all participate in called The 100 Women Project. It is an art student’s capstone project that is asking for collaboration from other women.

She shares: “The aim of this project is to showcase the strength and individuality of the women who participate. That is why the color of yarn and length of the vine are left to the discretion of the participants. Each woman will also submit an index card with their name and hometown on it and the cards will be compiled in a book that will be displayed alongside the installation.”

crochet wisteria

here are some I’ve created to send

Deadline: 4/10/15 – guidelines here.

Crochet Art

crochet art

Gina Rose Gallina crochet art exhibit “Yarnolutionary” reminds me a little of the Miss Van + Olek collaboration

crochet ceramic sculpture art

Student Lindsey Wilson combines ceramics with crochet in a sculpture collection called On the Mend that “is loosely representational of organs in the human body”.

Crochet Books

boho crochet book

My review of Boho Crochet book, which was also blogged by @annemariesblog who has patterns in this collection

peanuts crochet book

Peanuts Crochet Book via @twinkiechan (who has 4 amigurumi character patterns in the book)

Crochet Designers

crochet designer interview

@allaboutami interviewed amigurumi artist Dendennis

crochet designer interview

@UCrafter interviews @LittleMCrochet

Crochet Fashion

pastel filet crochet sweater

Pastel filet crochet sweater – perfect for spring. From Andrea Diodati.

plaid dress

I love the crochet-inspired collar on this dress from Fleet Collection

Crochet Patterns

crochet egg cozy pattern

Easter tulip egg cozy crochet pattern for sale from Little Treasures

crochet flower square free pattern

Crochet flower square free pattern from Laurel’s Place

crochet blanket pattern

Natural striped blanket crochet pattern for sale from Rescued Paw

crochet blanket pattern

Crochet blanket pattern for sale from creJJtion

crochet pillow pattern

Pineapple pillow crochet pattern for sale from Wood & Wool Stool

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet shawl pattern for sale from @krwknitwear; she is launching a CAL with this pattern on 4/1/15

crochet hat free pattern

Herringbone dc free crochet hat pattern @elkstudio_

post crochet hat

Thick front post crochet hat pattern free from My Recycled Bags

crochet scarf pattern

Braided infinity scarf crochet pattern for sale @crochetspot

crochet cotton balls

Re-usable crochet cotton balls free pattern from @SCCelinaLane

crochet apron patterns

@craftgossip rounded up 5 crochet apron patterns, which is perfect right now because apron skirting is a spring ’15 fashion trend

crochet mandala pattern

10 free pastel crochet patterns for spring including this pretty mandala pattern from Made in Ktown. This was one of my posts over on I also did a post rounding up free egg cozy crochet patterns for Easter.

Crochet Tutorials

basketweave crochet

How to crochet basketweave stitch @bhookedcrochet


How to crochet left-leaning and right-leaning crossed double crochet @jessie_athome

how to fpdc

How to fpdc @gleefulthings

Crochet Tips

How to Start a Local Crochet Circle by @UCrafter. You could also start a crochet book club.

Crochet News and Info

fair trade crochet

ByHaafner shared fair trade crochet shop Bantaktor, “a crochet (and a bit of knitting) project in Northern Thailand with a shop in Chiang Mai”

Julie Reich of Bile Sister explains the song behind the band’s newest art video. Wasted Crochet” has many meanings, though it’s not immediately apparent, for sure. The term was used literally to describe my efforts at crocheting by the guru Stacey Sproule (who sings guest vocals and appears in the video). She hosts regular ladies’ nights where we watch The X-Files and crochet. I was not a natural, to say the least!” Other crochet + music here

Yarn Stuff

pastel yarn

Best Pastel Yarn for Spring @becraftsy


@vashtirama explains to us what a “yarn put-up” is


@habitulhomebody shares her Yarnbox subscription experience

Other Crafty Things

diy indigo scarf

DIY Scarf Indigo Dye Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop

turkish coffee

Lavender and cocoa turkish coffee. Yum! For sale from Olive and Bean.

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