Deborah Elkes is an Australian crocheter who shared her story with us back in 2012 about how she uses crochet to help her through chronic fatigue. She later sent an update that she was doing much better and introduced us to her sister Linda who crochets through cancer (and gave us a cute crochet tortoise pattern!) Today Debbie is back to share some amazing photos with us of three outfits that she has crocheted for drag queen Katya to wear on stage.

drag queen crochet

First up is this amazing bikini made for Katya to wear to a Halloween performance at a nightclub in Perth. Debbie also just entered this piece into a wearable art competition. She shares:

“It was the only crocheted piece in the whole show and fingers crossed we will be moving onto the showcase event in May. The judged were amazed that it was crochet – so I was thrilled! I call it the “Optical Illusion” bikini. It includes crochet fingernails, crocheted blood on her face, and a crocheted optic nerve piece running from her eye to the eyeballs on her head.

crochet costume

It was a lot of fun to make this piece. I love proving that crochet is more than a granny square and to be given carte blanche on a project for someone was amazing!”

crochet drag queen dress

Next up is this crochet evening dress that was made for Katya to wear to a Drag Queen award ceremony.

hello kitty drag queen crochet

And perhaps my personal favorite piece: The Hello Kitty crochet dress.


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  1. Katya looks incredible!! That Halloween ensemble blows me away. Great job, Deborah!

  2. Julie ACCROchet Reply

    Woah =) How can one follow this incredible crocheter? Any social media links?

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  4. Suzanne Youngblood Reply

    Wow! Could you please give me the contact information for these artists and queens? I would love to follow everyone on Twitter.

    • Hi Suzanne ~ Sorry didnt even see your comment. You can find me on Instagram by looking for Deborah Elkes ~ This queen’s Instagram is IhateKatyaKokov ~

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