crochet blanket

I recently completed a large granny square crochet blanket. It’s a contribution made using Caron United Yarn, a portion of the sales from which go to charity. It is also my contribution to the World’s Largest Stocking project.

The Yarn

I used 4 skeins of Caron United in the colors red, white, blue and grey. Caron United is a durable, washable, worsted weight acrylic yarn. When you purchase a ball of this yarn, you are directly helping out fund college scholarships for children of military members who died in service to the country; 15 cents of each ball sold goes to Children of Fallen Patriots.

crochet blanket

The Crochet Blanket

People who are interested in contributing to the World’s Largest Stocking are asked to send in a 3′ x 3′ blanket. You can use any stitch pattern that you would like. Since my favorite default pattern is always the large granny square, that’s what I went with, working it with an H hook. I used a full skein of each color before switching to the next color, so it has a large white square in the center surrounded by decreasing-size borders of blue, red and grey.

crochet blanket crochet blanket crochet blanket

The World’s Largest Stocking


I am sending this in as a contribution to the World’s Largest Stocking. When the stocking is complete, it will be dismantled and the blanket(s) will be donated to children of the military. If you are interested in participating, you can get info here. They prefer blankets in red, white and green but will accept any color in a 3′ x 3′ size. Free knit and crochet blanket patterns are available for those who want to use them. They will accept donations until they have enough to make the stocking; as of the writing of this post they’ve received 10% of what they need to complete the project.

crochet blanket crochet blanket


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  1. This is such a wonderful project, I’m definitely going to have to find time to contribute a blanket!

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  3. Rita Swanson Reply

    How did you get your granny square not to have a large X showing in the rows? I wish you had given the site where you got your pattern, it would help.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Hi Rita,

      I didn’t use a pattern for this blanket. I just crocheted a large granny square. Sometimes the X is caused by having corners that are too loose … you can try crocheting just one chain instead of two in the corners to see if that helps.


      • Rita Swanson Reply

        Ok, I will give that a try. I know that if I turn at the end of each row, it doesn’t look out of kilter but I always seem to have an X showing. Thanks!

        • Kathryn Reply

          Keep me posted on how it goes. I’d be happy to help if I can!

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  5. Dorrie Duchesne Reply

    Yarnspirations has 3 different blankets on their website….for you to print out and make…check them out….and keep on crocheting :)

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  9. Simona Lunardi Reply

    Stupenda! Devo constatare che non c’è assolutamente bisogno andare in cerca di patterns tanto complicati. I semplici punti che si conoscono già dalle elementari si svelano in capolavori. Basta scegliere i colori adatti come hai fatto tu. Anch’io sono per i punti semplici e ne faccio di copertine e cuscini, ultimamente visto che lavoro in un albergo merano e non ho più tanto tempo a disposizione faccio solamente cose veloci come piccoli cuscini per le mie nipotine.

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