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Earlier this month I showcased the work of designer fashion brand Marni, which includes a line of beautiful multi-media crochet necklaces. I recently came across a necklace by Lily’z Closet that reminded me of those beautiful necklaces. Lily’z Closet is a crochet design brand that creates jewelry as well as swimwear.

Crochet Necklaces

This is the crochet necklace that reminds me of the lovely Marni designs:

crochet necklace

Here’s a different style of mixed media crochet necklace:

mixed media crochet necklace

And here’s another crochet necklace, this one with a statement-style set of fringe:

crochet yarn necklace

Other Crochet Jewelry

Here are some of the other crochet jewelry items from Lily’z closet, including sorority crochet earrings that are available in three sizes:

crochet sorority earrings

crochet earrings

crochet jewelry bracelet

crochet bracelets

Crochet Swimwear

I always love crochet swimsuits. They have such unique style. Lily’z Closet makes some great crochet tops and bottoms, but what I really love are the unique designs of the one-piece suits:

crochet two piece crochet swimwear crochet swimsuit

Custom Crochet Designs

Lily’z Closet also does custom crochet designs for people who are interested in something made just for them. You can contact the designer through the website or on Facebook.


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