crochet portrait artist katikaart

One link led to another for me on Instagram and I began to follow katikaart. I quickly fell in love with her colorful crochet portraits. The work reminds me of the crochet art being made by just a few people in the world including Pat Ahern and Jo Hamilton.

self portrait crochet art katika

This artist definitely has her own style, though, a style characterized by bold coloring, intense facial expressions and additional pictures of animals and still life art. Katika joined Etsy in August 2014 where she sells her crochet art, some of which is featured on tote bags and cards.

Celebrity Crochet Portraits

Katika creates beautiful crochet portraits of famous people. Some examples include:

crochet portrait art bob marley

Bob Marley

crochet portrait art bjork


crochet portrait art hayao miyakazki

Hayao Miyazaki

Other Crochet Portraits

self portrait crochet art katika 2

Katika’s self-portrait in crochet

katika crochet art face

crochet face cards

crochet baby

Crochet Animal Portraits

crochet animals crochet sheep crochet ram

crochet parrot

Crochet Still Life and Other Art

crochet food crochet logo crochet coffee art

Katika is a prolific and amazing crochet artist so check out all that she creates through Instagram and Etsy.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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