convertible crochet halter top

I tend to get creative with my clothing. I look at pieces that I own and think, “how can I twist this, turn it, reverse it, alter it to make a new look?” This is a great approach to take with your crochet clothing accessories if you want to get more style mileage out of the things that you’ve created.

Simple shapes work best for convertible fashion.

crochet shrug

I’ll show you what I mean with a look at my crochet granny square shrug. This simple shrug is basically just a large granny square. I folded the square in half and then seamed about two inches together on either side of it to create armholes. Then I added a few more rounds to part of it to give it just a little bit more shape. But basically, this is just a square made into a rectangle with arm holes.

crochet granny shrug

Crochet Granny Shrug

vercillo instagram granny square shrug back

You will most often see me wearing it as a crochet shrug. I just slip my arms into either arm hole and there you go. It’s a cute little accessory to add to any outfit.

vercillo instagram granny square shrug front

Crochet Halter Top

crochet granny halter

However, if I want to get fancy, I can make this into a crochet top. Instead of putting it on horizontally, I turn it vertical.

crochet granny halter

One arm hole goes around my waist and the other becomes the halter neck. The back is open.

Crochet Cowl

crochet granny cowl

This very same item can also be used as a crochet cowl. I turn it vertical and put my head through one arm hole (just like I would with the halter top). Then I twist it and loop the other arm over my head as well. A nice twisty cowl.

crochet granny cowl

Crochet Half Shawl

crochet shrug

The same item can even be used as a sort of half-shawl or one-armed-poncho (Katniss style). It starts by putting it on the same way as the cowl. But instead of putting the second arm hole back over my head, I put one arm through it.

Have fun with crochet fashion

You can turn almost any item into something else if you get creative. You may have to play around with an item for awhile, seeing what shapes work for you, looking at different ways to tie it. You may put something on backwards or upside down and see how it looks. This can also give you ideas of new ways to adapt future crochet designs so to create a different look. Don’t go for the same old shapes; be daring in what you wear. Fashion is meant to be fun!


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  1. That looks great ! I love how everything you do is always so colourful – it makes me smile!
    Can you advice on my shop!

  2. Or get two and have a whole shawl by doing tow “Crochet Half Shawl-s”, the halter top looks great on you, you must have a tiny waist.

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