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Welcome to the 2014 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards.

Today’s award is for:

Best Crochet Photos

And it goes to:

Hi, Jenny Brown

About This Award

Learn more about what these awards are here. This specific award is for the best photos on a crochet blog. This is one of my favorite awards every year and also one of the toughest ones to give out because there are so many great blogs out there sharing great photos of various work. The photos are clear, vibrant, detailed, colorful and unique in some ways.

About The Winner


The winner of this award is Hi, Jenny Brown. This is the blog of Jenny Brown; the official photographer for this blog is Erin Markan.

Jenny shares:

“I learned to crochet as a little kid when my left-handed mom learned to stitch right-handed so she could pass the craft on to me. That little bit of crafty kindness changed my life and gave me the chance to participate in the largest yarn bombing in the US, share original crochet projects with the world, and sell over 800 (and counting) patterns through Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy.”

hijennybrown crochet

She adds on Etsy:

“I’m a PA native currently living in NJ with my husband, who shares my love of glue, exacto knives, and crochet cutenesses. I live below my best friend/craft advisor/drinking buddy/personal photographer and her adorable family.”

That photographer is Erin, the wonder behind so many of the Hi, Jenny Brown blog photos. Jenny says,

“Erin trained in photojournalism and has had her photographs published in many newspapers and magazines. Her favorite subjects now are makers and her two adorable children.”

The crafty world is better off for it!

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Why The Winner Won

kids crochet

Here are some of the reasons that I selected this blogger for this crochet award:

  • Beautiful large format vibrant photos of crochet work placed in creative, unusual but not wacky ways.
  • Great balance of foreground and background in all of her pictures. I always love looking at the whole picture, not just the crochet itself but the crochet is well-photographed.
  • I love that this is a crafty collaboration between friends. The photos are done by Erin but the work comes from Jenny and it’s the decisions made between the two of them that make the magic happen.
  • I didn’t share any here but if you go through her blog, including her FAQ page, you’ll find that there are lots of animated photos. That’s just fun.

Other Categories I Could Have Chosen

crochet plastic bag mat

Each person is only awarded one award each year (and likewise, each award only goes to one person with a few exceptions) but of course each amazing blogger often does many things well. Some of the other categories that I easily could have given this blogger an award for include:

  • Best Free Crochet Patterns
  • Best Crochet Pattern Set (for her alphabet letter packs)
  • Best Charity Crochet (Hooking for Good)

Support the Awards

If you win one of the awards (or if you just want to show your support of this awards project) you are more than welcome the spread the word. Feel free to use the image above and resize as needed to add to a blog post or your blog’s sidebar. Please link back either to this post or to the main post. You can also spread the word through social media. The more the merrier … And extend a hand to give a congratulations to this winner!



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