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Welcome to the 2014 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards.

Today’s award is for:

Best Crochet Pattern Series

And it goes to:

Repeat Crafter Me for her alphabet appliqué series

About This Award

Learn more about what these awards are here. This specific award is for the best crochet pattern series on a blog. A series is a set of themed patterns that are released within a specific time frame, showcased on the blog pattern by pattern. It’s tough for a pattern designer to do this since it requires first creating a theme and then sticking to a publishing schedule. We don’t see it happen often and when we do it’s neat to see.

About The Winner

crochet animal applique patterns

The winner of this award is Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me for her alphabet appliqué crochet pattern series. It’s called 26 Days of Crochet Animal Alphabet Appliques. Each crochet pattern in the series is a cute little animal that represents the letter of the alphabet for that day. Sarah released these one after another throughout October.

Sarah shares:

“Thanks to my wonderful, hard working husband, I am able to stay at home with my two preschool age boys and my newborn baby girl! I have a passion for crafting and crocheting and offer my patterns and tutorials for free! Occasionally I will show you a new crock pot recipe as well.”

And adds on her about page:

“For as long as I can remember I have always been crafty and had a love of art, crafts, and creating. About three years ago I taught myself how to crochet and seemed to have unleashed a hidden talent I never knew I had. I’m loving this new hobby and started writing my own patterns this past year. I currently post all my crochet patterns and tutorials for free! I learned by following free patterns so I hope my patterns help and inspire you.”

I think it’s great that she chooses to give back in this way and her alphabet appliqué series is one example of that. She has been blogging at Repeat Crafter Me since 2011.

Connect with Repeat Crafter Me on social media:

Why The Winner Won

crochet unicorn

Here are some of the reasons that I selected this blogger for this crochet award:

  • It’s a really fun, original idea. It can be used for a variety of different things, from making an afghan or alphabet book to just working up one pattern at a time for different projects.
  • There are some really original crochet animals in the set, like the Xray fish as well as basics like cat and dog.
  • Sarah did a great job of announcing the project, releasing the patterns day by day and aggregating them all onto a single page with links to each individual pattern.

Other Categories I Could Have Chosen

crochet dog applique free pattern

Each person is only awarded one award each year (and likewise, each award only goes to one person with a few exceptions) but of course each amazing blogger often does many things well. Some of the other categories that I easily could have given this blogger an award for include:

  • Best Free Crochet Patterns
  • Best Baby Crochet Patterns
  • Best Kids Craft Blog with Crochet

Support the Awards

If you win one of the awards (or if you just want to show your support of this awards project) you are more than welcome the spread the word. Feel free to use the image above and resize as needed to add to a blog post or your blog’s sidebar. Please link back either to this post or to the main post. You can also spread the word through social media. The more the merrier … And extend a hand to give a congratulations to this winner!



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