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Welcome to the 2014 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards.

Today’s award is for:

Best Crochet Hat Patterns

And it goes to:

Elk Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs

About This Award

Learn more about what these awards are here. This specific award is for the best crochet hat patterns. I love when a crochet designer has variety but I also love when they have a specific niche that they do really well. It’s neat to see someone put out a variety of different patterns that are each unique even though they’re all in the same category (such as hats). I think that takes talent and creativity.

About The Winner

crochet hat pattern

The winner of this award is Kathy of Elk Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs. Alabama-based designer Kathy learned how to crochet from her 7th grade teacher and has been crocheting off and on ever since.

I like what she writes on Ravelry:

“I love how I can just let my creativity start and when it’s over there is a beautiful project waiting for someone. Come along for the ride and live a life of freedom!”

Kathy opened Elk Studio in 2012. She says on Facebook that her mission is “to create beautiful handmade items with the utmost quality in both yarn and technique. I strive to produce a product that will exceed the customer’s expectations.”

Connect with Elk Studio on social media:

Why The Winner Won

crochet hat pattern

Here are some of the reasons that I selected this blogger for this crochet award:

  • There are crochet hat patterns for the whole family. Some are clearly male or female while others are unisex. Some are good for kids while others are designed for adults.
  • There is a lot of variety in terms of the types of crochet hats. There are beanies and hats with brims and everything in between. I love the creativity within this one structured category.
  • She is really prolific. It seems like she produces a new crochet pattern for the blog every week. It’s impressive.
  • Sometimes there’s a matching crochet pattern to make a set (like a scarf pattern that matches the hat).

Other Categories I Could Have Chosen

Each person is only awarded one award each year (and likewise, each award only goes to one person with a few exceptions) but of course each amazing blogger often does many things well. Some of the other categories that I easily could have given this blogger an award for include:

  • Best Free Crochet Patterns (there are more than just hat patterns here)
  • Best Support for the Crochet Community (with her Saturday Crochet Show roundups and Making it thru Monday community share posts)

Support the Awards

If you win one of the awards (or if you just want to show your support of this awards project) you are more than welcome the spread the word. Feel free to use the image above and resize as needed to add to a blog post or your blog’s sidebar. Please link back either to this post or to the main post. You can also spread the word through social media. The more the merrier … And extend a hand to give a congratulations to this winner!



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