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Welcome to the 2014 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards.

Today’s award is for:

The Best Collaborative Crochet Blog Project

And it goes to:

The Blog Hop CAL

About This Award

Learn more about what these awards are here. This specific award is a bit different than the other awards I’m giving away this month. For all of the other awards, there is one winner. In this case, it’s all about collaboration so there are ten bloggers named for this award, all contributing to the same single collaborative project. I love the sense of community, sharing and connectedness that goes into a big collaborative multi-blog project.

About The Winner


The winner of this award is The Blog Hop Crochet Along. This was a month(ish) long CAL and if you followed along then you ended up creating 20 different 12″ crochet squares that you could put together into a big afghan. The crochet square patterns were posted daily on weekdays across the ten different participating blogs.

The Bloggers

Dream a Little Bigger. Multi-craftual makers blog by Allison with various tutorials. Also find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

crochet square pattern

Fiber Flux. Knitting and crochet blog rich with free crochet patterns, pattern roundups and tutorials including video tutorials. Find Jennifer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

crochet square pattern

Gleeful Things. Crochet designer Julie’s blog including crochet patterns, tutorials, tips and more. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

crochet hat pattern

Hopeful Honey. Olivia says that this is a blog where you can find “crochet patterns, beauty tips, DIYs and all forms of creativity.” Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Little Monkeys Crochet. Rebecca is a work-at-home mom and crochet pattern designer who likes to make patterns for both adults and children and newbies as well as advanced crocheters. Find her on Facebook and Pinterest.

Loopsan. San is a scientist-by-day-crafter-by-night who says of her blog, “This is my little happy world about crochet, baking and DIY adventures.” Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Maybe Matilda. Rachel says “crochet, food and style are my happy place”. She shares a variety of projects and posts in that vein. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

One Dog Woof. ChiWei says of her blog, “This is where I share my crafts, my cooking, and my creativity. I hope to inspire you to live your life one joyful day at a time!” Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Persia Lou. Alexis started this blog as a crochet project blog and it’s still rich in crochet but there are also lots of other crafts and home decor posts. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Whistle & Ivy. Bethany says, “I love to craft, crochet and create!” She shares a lot of beautiful crochet patterns as well as lots of other lovely craft projects and recipes. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Why The Winner Won

crochet afghan squares

Here are some of the reasons that I selected this project for this crochet award:

  • What an awesome collaboration to get ten bloggers together to each share their patterns as part of this CAL.
  • The crochet square patterns are all really pretty on their own and make an outstanding blanket when put together.
  • The collaboration effort did its job in the sense that it used my existing community to make me aware of other crocheters that I wasn’t already connected with. Awesome.
  • Just take a look at the photos in the Facebook group and you can see how joyful this CAL was!
  • The CAL included some cool giveaways.

Other Categories I Could Have Chosen

Several of the bloggers that are named in this category could have easily been awarded individual awards this month for their other various efforts in crochet. In particular, Fiber Flux, Gleeful Things and Hopeful Honey are blogs that have all been mentioned repeatedly in my link love roundups this year for their beautiful crochet patterns. Fiber Flux also does a great job of putting together themed crochet pattern roundups. And every single one of these ten blogs has a beautiful design!

Previous Winners

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If you win one of the awards (or if you just want to show your support of this awards project) you are more than welcome the spread the word. Feel free to use the image above and resize as needed to add to a blog post or your blog’s sidebar. Please link back either to this post or to the main post. You can also spread the word through social media. The more the merrier … And extend a hand to give a congratulations to this winner!



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