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In addition to the daily December posts for my Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards, I’ll be doing daily posts sharing some of the featured Instagrammers of the year. They’ve all been previously featured in various groups posts throughout 2014 but this month each gets her own post showing off all that she’s shared with us this year.

Today’s featured instagrammer is Jane Feagans-King aka gigididthis. She joined up with us in July and has been consistently sharing her beautiful crochet photos with us ever since. Her crochet work includes a lot of variety; you’ll see wearables, motif-based designs, ornaments and more. Recently she’s been doing a lot of work with crochet ribbing, short rows and autumn colors. In addition to her crochet, you’ll see that her feed includes terrific kitty photos, family photos and the occasional beautiful nature shot. Connect with her on Instagram … or on Twitter at @JaneMarieLWB.

In 2014 she shared with us:

Crochet Accessories

gigididthis instagram crochet gigididthis_crochet_boot_cuffs gigididthis_wip gigididthis_crochet_poncho gigididthis_crochet_skirt__poncho gigididthis_crochet_scarf gigididthis crochet hat gigididthis crochet cowl gigididthis crochet hat

Kitty on Crochet

gigididthis kitty on crochet gigididthis crochet kitty


gigididthis_instagram_yarn gigididthis yarn

Motifs and Small Makes

gigididthis crochet joining gigididthis crochet backpack motifs gigididthis_crochet_vstitch_square gigididthis crochet african flower purse gigididthis_flowers

Christmas Crochet

gigididthis_crochet_stars gigididthis_crochet_star_motif gigididthis_crochet_christmas gigididthis_crochet_snowflake

And More:

gigididthis entrelac crochet gigididthis tunisian entrelac crochet gigididthis crochet sweater gigididthis crochet sweater gigididthis crochet v stitch gigididthis yarnbomb tree gigididthis crochet short rows gigididthis crochet hdc rib gigididthis isntagram crochet shawl with buttons gigididthis crochet dress gigididthis_crochet_shawl gigididthis_crochet_scarf gigididthis_instagram_crochet gigididthis_crochet_sweater gigididthis_crochet_pillow


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