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In addition to the daily December posts for my Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards, I’ll be doing daily posts sharing some of the featured Instagrammers of the year. They’ve all been previously featured in various groups posts throughout 2014 but this month each gets her own post showing off all that she’s shared with us this year.

Today’s featured Instagrammer is Michelle AKA forever__autumn__. Just take one glance at her Instagram feed and you’ll see that she has a perfect color palette that distinctly defines who she is. She shares lots of lovely crochet in those great colors, which is of course my favorite part, but she also shares so other goodies including inspirational words/ phrases, cute kiddos, animals and yummy looking food.

In 2014 she shared with us:

Colorful Crochet Blankets

forever autumn crochet squares foreverautumn crochet blanket foreverautumn crochet foreverautumn crochet wip foreverautumn crochet rows foreverautumn crochet vstitch forever__autumn__ crochet blanket stitches forever__autumn__ crochet blanket forever_autumn_crochet_shawl forever_autumn_crochet forever_autumn_crochet_squares forever_autumn_crochet_vstitch forever_autumn_crochet_blanket_stitching_instagram foreverautumn crochet blanket foreverautumn crochet squares blanket foreverautumn crochet stitches forever_autumn__crochet_blanket foreverautumn_crochet_blanket forever__autumn__ instagram crochet blanket stripes forever_autumn_ crochet blanket forever_autumn_ crochet blanket edging forever_autumn crochet blanket forever_autumn crochet blanket 2 forever_autumn crochet finished blanket forever_autumn_ crochet blanket forever__autumn__ crochet blanket

Crochet Hats

forever_autumn crochet hat forever_autumn crochet hat forever_autumn crochet pink hat forever_autumn crochet smoothie hats forever_autumn crochet hat forever_autumn crochet hat forever__autumn__ instagram crochet hat

And More:

forever_autumn__crochet_squares forever_autumn_crochet_shawl forever_autumn_instagram_crochet_motifs foreverautumn crochet circles foreverautumn crochet cotton coaster forever_autumn_crochet_cowl_wip forever_autumn crochet square forever_autumn crochet poppy forever_autumn white crochet


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