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In addition to the daily December posts for my Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards, I’ll be doing daily posts sharing some of the featured Instagrammers of the year. They’ve all been previously featured in various groups posts throughout 2014 but this month each gets her own post showing off all that she’s shared with us this year.

Today’s crochet instagrammer is Bethshananne. Her bio on Instagram shares that she is a “Crochet -crazy, jewellery making grandma, living in Connemara, on the wild west coast of lreland” who has an “ambition:- to keep creating beautiful things … ” And she definitely does create beautiful things, which she shares on Instagram. I love her crochet work, which has great details and embellishments and beautiful color choices. I also love her other photos especially the jewelry images, which are always set against terrific backgrounds for a great finished image. You can explore more of this Irish gal’s creations on Etsy.

Here were the things she tagged to share with us in 2014:

Crochet Triangle Shawls

bethshananne crochet shawl bethshananne_crochet_triangle_scarf bethshananne crochet shawl and gloves bethshananne crochet shawl Crochet Fingerless Gloves:

bethshananne crochet handwarmers bethshananne crochet mitts bethshananne crochet gloves bethshananne instagram crochet And More:

bethshananne crochet cardigan bethshananne_instagram_crochet_hat bethshananne crochet shoes bethshananne_crochet_dollhouse_tablecloth bethshananne_crochet_rug


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