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After taking a little break, I’m joining back in again this week with Red Berry Crochet‘s 52 Weeks of Crochet Blogging. Today’s crochet prompt asks us to “learn or review the basics of color theory”. This reminded me of a blog post I did over two years ago that I thought might be worth re-visiting. It looks at 11 different colors and the typical impact that they have on mood.

The Colors

  • Blue calms
  • Green de-stresses
  • Yellow is energizing but can be stressful
  • Red is agitating
  • Orange is exciting
  • Brown stabilizes
  • Purple is for creativity
  • Pink is youthful
  • Grey is neutral
  • Black fights evil
  • White is healing

Not That Simple

These are some really basic ideas about how color can affect mood. It’s something that you might want to take into consideration as you choose colors for your yarn projects, especially if you’re very sensitive to visual stimulation. That said, these are just the basics. Each of these colors has a wide range of hues that each have their own impact. And each person is different so just because a color tends to trigger a specific emotion in most people doesn’t mean that it’ll be true for you. You may even find that sometimes the opposite is true; that red soothes you or blue angers you for example. You can get started with these basics but trust your own experiences in the long run!

Learn More

You can read the complete original article here. If color theory interests you, you may also be interested in this Crochet Saved My Life excerpt on color and mood in crochet work.


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