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After I published my book, Crochet Saved My Life, I started a Ravelry group of the same for people who wanted a safe space to share their stories about craft and healing. I loved that group and the people who started connecting there. Sadly, though, I just couldn’t keep up with moderating it. I’ve always been bothered by that, as I think it can be such a great community. I have recently had the offer of three generous volunteers who are going to help me moderate the group so that we can revitalize it and get it going again.

I’m just not that active on Ravelry myself. There are so many social networks to keep up with these days, not to mention all of the other tasks of work and life. I started that group really wanting to connect with everyone but it just became too much. And yet, it has never been far from my mind. I love the way that people have opened up there in the past and I hope that it can be a place where we continue to do that, and to support each other in our journeys during good times and tough ones.

Feel free to join the group and begin posting there if it’s something that interests you! Although I’ll only be popping in occasionally, the group will be in good hands with Anastacia, Cari and Stephanie at the helm. Say hi and welcome them!


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