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Sundays on Crochet Concupiscence are when we celebrate the best crochet on Instagram. Hopefully this massive roundup inspires you! Want a chance to be featured here? Join me on Instagram and tag your crochet related photos each week with #crochetconcupiscence or #crochetsavedmylife. Note: Next week’s roundup is the last one of 2015 (I’ll be taking a December break) so let’s make it a good one!

Your Crochet on Instagram

Featured Instagrammer

This week’s featured Instagrammer is oakherder. Loretta writes in her IG bio: “I was focusing on becoming a writer when I realised writing had become my hobby and crochet is now my main occupation.” Her Instagram feed is filled with her beautiful crochet work, which includes a cool crochet shell project this week. Crochet succulents, birds and baskets have been other recent projects. I love that the projects are always so unique from what other people are doing out there. Oakherder’s IG feed also includes lots of lovely nature shots and some inspiring food photos. Some of the photos that she’s shared with us include:

oakherder crochet shell oakherder crochet succulents
oakherder crochet budgies oakherder crochet succulents oakherder instagram crochet flowers

New This Week

I’m always thrilled each week when new people join in the fun with their crochet-related tags. This week we’re welcoming ahunrtr, aglaelaser, marisasmonpetitfour, mrspip, natasjaking, rawrustic, tatianabila and thegirllovesyarn. Thanks for joining!

Crochet blanket from ahunrtr:

ahunrtr crochet blanket

Crochet square and dragon art from aglaelaser:

alglaelaser crochet square

dragon crochet

Crochet cowl and crochet fox hat from marisasmonpetitfour:

marisamonpetitfour crochet cowl marisamonpetitfour crochet fox

Crochet fox WIP from mrspip:

mrspip crochet fox

Crochet blanket and Christmas crochet from natasjaking:

natasjaking crochet blanket natasjaking christmas crochet

Crochet shawl from rawrustic:

rawrustic crochet shawl

Crochet floral work from tatianabila:

tatianabila crochet tatianabila crochet pink

Crochet Christmas ornaments, hat and wreath from thegirllovesyarn:

thegirllovesyarn crochet christmas ornaments thegirllovesyarn crochet hat thegirllovesyarn crochet wreath

And More

Thanks to everyone who continues sharing their work each week. Without you, these roundups don’t exist!

Crochet basket from above_rubys:

above_rubys crochet basket

Yarn from kymmber:

yarn kymmber

Crochet squares, shawl and mandala from woolyana:

woolyana crochet squares woolyana crochet shawl 2 woolyana crochet shawl woolyana crochet mandala flower woolyana crochet mandala

Crochet taxidermy, crochet bunting and Christmas crochet from sweet_sharna_makes:

sweet_sharna_makes taxidermy crochet sweet_sharna_makes crochet stockings

sweet_sharna_makes crochet stocking

sweet_sharna_makes crochet garland sweet_sharna_makes crochet christmas tree sweet_sharna_makes crochet Christmas cushion sweet_sharna_makes crochet bunting sumdvl crochet hat:

sumdvl crochet hat Wooly crochet WIP, sheepjescal crochet squares, crochet shrugs and more from stephaniedavies:

stephaniedavies wooly crochet stephaniedavies fuzzy crochet 2 stephaniedavies fuzzy crochet stephaniedavies crochet work stephaniedavies crochet wip stephaniedavies crochet square 2 stephaniedavies crochet square stephaniedavies crochet shrug wip 1 stephaniedavies crochet shrug 3 stephaniedavies crochet shrug 2 stephaniedavies crochet shrug stephaniedavies crochet flower shawl stephaniedavies crochet christmas Crochet squares from sakurablythe:

sakurablythe crochet squares 2 sakurablythe crochet squares Crochet hat from rachconcan:

rachconcan crochet hat

Crochet fingerless gloves from mobiusgirl:

mobiusgirl crochet fingerless gloves Crochet mittens, cowl and blanket from missmotherhook:

missmotherhook crochet mittens missmotherhook crochet cowl missmotherhook crochet blanket 4 missmotherhook crochet blanket 3 missmotherhook crochet blanket 2 missmotherhook crochet blanket Crochet WIPs from make_the_nest:

make_the_nest crochet WIP make_the_nest crochet hat make_the_nest crochet gloves wip Crochet fingerless gloves from loucamp:

loucamp crochet fingerless gloves 2 loucamp crochet fingerless gloves Crochet sweetheart garland, ice cream garland and stocking stuffers from littlefoxcrochet:

littlefoxcrochet sweetheart garland wip littlefoxcrochet sweetheart garland littlefoxcrochet stocking stuffers crochet littlefoxcrochet crochet tiara littlefoxcrochet crochet ice cream garlands littlefoxcrochet crochet ice cream garland littlefoxcrochet baby crochet Crochet blanket from littledaisyloves_uk:

littledaisyloves_uk crochet blanket Knit and crochet alpaca from lisesolvang who just received a grant from Ojai Rotary Club for “One Stitch at a Time – Knitting in Recovery”. She writes: “We will be knitting for the homeless population in Ojai and make sure that anyone who comes through the doors of the Ojai Valley Family Shelter will receive a HandKnit Hat and Scarf!”

lisesolvang knit and crochet cuff lisesolvang grant Crochet blanket from kirstyowl:

kirstyowl crochet blanket Crochet coat, blanket and more from hookybren:

hookybren crochet pastels hookybren crochet coat hookybren crochet blanket Crochet blanket and fox ears from holly_pips:

holly_pips crochet star blanket holly_pips crochet fox ears Crochet square and Christmas crochet from hanrosieg:

hanrosieg crochet squares hanrosieg christmas crochet Crochet star and crochet hand warmers from gooseberryfool:

gooseberryfool crochet star gooseberryfool crochet hand warmers Entrelac crochet from gigididthis:

gigididthis entrelac crochet Crochet snowflake doily from franloveswool:

franloveswool crochet snowflake doily Crochet squares from forever__autumn__:

forever__autumn__ crochet blanket Crochet fingerless gloves and cushion from ektelykke:

ektelykke crochet fingerless gloves ektelykke crochet cushion cat Crochet hat and scarf set and crochet bunny from cuteashook:

cuteashook crochet hat scarf cuteashook crochet hat and scarf cuteashook crochet bunny Crochet poppies, blanket and C2C scarf from cuddles_and_crochet:

cuddles_and_crochet_crochet_poppies cuddles_and_crochet_crochet_blanket

cuddles_and_crochet c2c scarf Yarn store, crochet rugs, doilies and more from crochetinpaternoster:
crochetinpaternoster yarn shop crochetinpaternoster crochet yarn crochetinpaternoster crochet wips crochetinpaternoster crochet rugs crochetinpaternoster crochet rug crochetinpaternoster crochet motifs crochetinpaternoster crochet doilies for lampshade project crochetinpaternoster crochet doilies colored crochetinpaternoster crochet doilies crochetinpaternoster crochet buttons crochetinpaternoster crochet basket Crochet WIP from crochetingthruchronicdiseases:

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet wip crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet Crochet Mickey Mouse hat and blanket from crochetshelby:

crochetbyshelby crochet mickey hat 2 crochetbyshelby crochet mickey hat crochetbyshelby crochet blanket Crochet cotton WIP from corazonalsol:

corazonalsol crochet squares Christmas crochet from ceyhan65:

ceyhan65 crochet christmas Crochet experimentation from caswelljones:

caswelljones crochet stitches Crochet mandala from bechancer:

bechancer crochet mandala Chunky crochet coziness from averywestrich:

averywestrich crochet chunky scarf Crochet Minnie Mouse hat and crochet legwarmers from audra_hooknowl:

audra_hooknowl crochet minnie hat audra_hooknowl crochet legwarmers Crochet afghans from anastaciaknits:

anastaciaknits crochet afghan wip anastaciaknits crochet afghan 3 anastaciaknits crochet afghan 2 anastaciaknits crochet afghan Crochet ladybug, elephants and Christmas work from amigurumi_pieceofcake:

amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet ladybug amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet elephants amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet dragon amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet blocking amigurumi_pieceofcake christmas crochet Detachable pom and colorful crochet doily from alioopsy1:

alioopsy1 pompom crochet alioopsy1 colorful crochet doily

My Crochet on Instagram

Here are some of the things I shared this week on Instagram:

art to wear crochet jean williams cacicedo Jean Williams Cacicedo vintage crochet jacket from Art to Wear book

art to wear nikki hitz edson crochet mask Nikki Hitz Edson vintage crochet mask in Art to Wear

crochet blanket Crochet blanket at a friend’s house

crochet shrug sleeve Sleeve of my crochet circle shrug

crochet thread Thread crochet friendship bracelets

crochet thread bracelet crochet thread bracelets crochet wips Way too many WIPs

double strand crochet Double-strand crochet project

filet crochet Filet crochet

filet crochet red metallic crochet thread Metallic thread crochet

metallic thread crochet 1 puppy crochet blanket ribbed v stitch crochet Ribbed V-stitch

splitpic crochet collage Photo collages with crochet (above) and crochet w/ flower (below) using SplitPic app

splitpic photo crochet art wool yarn

Wool yarn – Wovember

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