I was recently looking at the Smallable website. It’s marketed as “the fashion and design concept store for kids from 0-16 years old.” Since I don’t have little ones, I didn’t really think I’d find anything there for me, but it turns out that they have some super creative designs for the home that would work for adults, too. Including these in crochet:

Crochet Balls Carpet

I’m super intrigued by the 3d texture of this colorful crochet rug at Smallable:

crochet balls carpet

Blocks Crochet Rug

This is a more traditional crochet rug but with a great contemporary look:

crochet blocks rug

Crochet Cherries Necklace

crochet cherries necklace

Crochet and Knit Mushrooms Art

crochet and knit mushrooms art


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