cute critter crochet

A couple of days ago in my Link Love post I mentioned that I’d reviewed Cute Critter Crochet by Maki Oomachi over on Crochet. I thought that today I’d share my five favorite charming crochet projects from that book:

1. Kangaroos

crochet kangaroo with bananas

The first crochet patterns in the book are a mama kangaroo with a bunch of bananas in her pouch and a crochet baby kangaroo to go with her. Just looking at their adorable little handmade faces I feel like there’s a story that unfolds!

2. Garden Dolls

crochet russian doll

Craftside actually offers the free crochet pattern online for these crochet Matryoshaka dolls. It’s one of the cutest crochet patterns in the book – and one of the only ones that is not either a crochet animal or an accessory to go with the animal.

3. Mischievous Dachsund

crochet amigurumi dog

I don’t know how Oomachi was able to design such a totally adorable sneaky face on that little crochet dog but she sure succeeded.

4. Alpaca

crochet alpaca

I just can’t resist the fuzzy alpaca that is on the cover of the book. It’s a yarn animal of an animal that makes yarn – perfect!

5. Three Little Pigs

crochet pigs

As if the little piggies themselves were not cute enough with those ears and noses, OOmachi has added those great tiny hats to them!


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