Orly Genger is a crochet artist who doesn’t use hooks and crochets with lobster rope, which she paints and then displays in large-scale installations. This year she had an outdoor installation at Laguna Gloria in Austin. Let’s take a look:

crochet art orly genger

crochet rope art orly genger

orly genger crochet rope art

orly genger crochet art

2013 Crochet Art Installations

Here are some examples of Orly’s other installations all done in 2013. They’re at the Chicago Lakefront, Madison Square Park and Decordova Museum.

crochet art installation chicago

chicago lakefront crochet art

madison square park crochet art

madison square crochet art

decordova museum crochet artist

decordova museum crochet art

Past Crochet Art Installations

And here are some older works from crochet artist Orly Genger:

crochet art sculpture

2004 crochet rope sculpture

crochet art

2005 museum installation

crochet rope art

2006 crochet rope installation at Riverside Park

crochet art rope

2009 crochet art


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