russian join

This crochet technique offers a great yarn joining option for people who don’t like to weave in ends. You can use it anytime that you need to join yarn in the middle of a project.

Special Materials Required

You will be using a yarn needle to join the two different yarns (not a crochet hook).

Step 1

Thread your yarn needle with the tail of the yarn that you are currently working with.

Step 2

russian join step two

Weave the needle through the plies of the yarn. Do this by holding the tip of the yarn needle pointing upwards and pulling the yarn over and onto the needle a few times.

Step 3

Pull the needle and the yarn all the way through the yarn, holding on to the loop that you see forming at the bottom of the needle. Remove the needle.

Step 4

russian join step 4

Thread the needle with the new yarn. Pull the new yarn through the loop that you have created in the old yarn. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the new yarn.

Step 5

rusian join step 5

Hold the two yarn ends and pull them in opposite directions to close the loops that you’ve created. This creates the knot that makes an invisible, secure join.

Step 6

russian join step 6

Cut the ends off of each yarn tail. You are now ready to continue on with your crochet project!

This is a reprint of a tutorial I originally published on the Crochet Today blog.


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