ewoodstory crochet necklace

I was really excited when I saw that Shelby of Stitch Story was collaborating with her husband on a new endeavor to combine her fiber art and his woodworking talent into an inspiring new product. I recently received my own eWoodStory frame to play with and found it to be a good springboard for easy creativity.

The Basics

crochet wood jewelry kits

eWoodStory sells jewelry frames as well as crochet jewelry kits so that you can make your own beautiful statement jewelry with wood/ fiber. The basic frame is a small rectangular frame with pre-drilled holes that allow you to stitch your yarn project to the wood. The kits are more intricate and include all of the supplies that you need to crochet a jewelry work of art.

Behind the Scenes

Shelby says, on the About page of the eWoodStory Etsy shop:

“I have gone down different avenues of design, including fashion design for women and children, and working as an art department director for an embroidery design firm. Over the years I have explored many areas of the fiber arts and love to combine techniques. I have been designing crochet patterns for publication since 2006. It has been a dream of mine to create unique jewelry kits to stitch and to be able to combine the work that I do with the work that my husband does.

My husband changed careers recently, to follow his dream of starting his own woodworking business. He now specializes in designing and building custom pieces, structures, and signs for businesses and events.

We develop new concepts and work out all of the design issues together, using a combination of modern technology and fiber arts techniques to create unique items.

We have sourced the most beautiful types of exotic woods and high quality yarns from around the globe to create our unique kits. We hope you will enjoy stitching them or giving them as gifts, as much as we enjoyed creating them!”

ewoodstory crochet necklace

Why I Love It

There were three key reasons that I was immediately drawn to eWoodStory:

  1. My dad is a custom woodworker. He also sources exotic hardwoods, including some of the same types that eWoodStory uses, and sells that wood to other custom woodworkers. I feel like I know this part of the eWoodStory business even though I’ve never met Shelby and Emad.
  2. I love couple collaborations. I believe that there is something really special and wonderful when two people come together to collaborate on a creative endeavor that incorporates each of their passions and skills sets. I especially adore when this happens to be a married couple as it can be a great asset to the relationship.
  3. Structured creativity. In my research into the health benefits of crochet I learned that many people love the craft because it provides them a way to be creativity that is structured. In the midst of health issues, including depression, it can be difficult to just start from scratch and create something out of thin air. Crochet has patterns that can get you started but you can make many choices to personalize the projects and express yourself through them. The eWoodStory frame gave me a structure – a size, a basic shape, a plan for a jewelry piece – and yet left the actual crochet creating up to me. I love this!

My eWoodStory Necklace

ewoodstory crochet frame

I made a really simple crochet rectangle using leftover scrap yarn.

I did a simple ribbed single crochet rectangle and stitched it to the frame.

ewoodstory crochet necklace

I considered doing something more complex but felt that the variation of color in the yarn as well as the variation in texture because of working in the back loop only left me with a product that was detailed enough for me without being overdone.

ewoodstory crochet necklace

Now I just need to find the perfect chain for it! I’m thinking about something in leather but haven’t decided for sure.

Some More Creative Ideas

ewoodstory crochet necklace

See what others are doing with their frames in The Mini Masterpieces Flickr Pool.


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    This is really cool! I love the combination of yarn and other materials!

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