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Sundays on Crochet Concupiscence are when we celebrate the best crochet on Instagram. Hopefully this massive roundup inspires you! Want a chance to be featured here? Join me on Instagram and tag your crochet related photos each week with #crochetconcupiscence or #crochetsavedmylife.

Your Crochet on Instagram

Featured Instagrammer

This week’s featured IGer is ceyhan65. My favorite thing about the crochet in this feed by Ozlem is that it is also so bold rich in vibrant colors. Here are some of the things her tagline tells us about her: “Retired academic, chemist, PhD, mom, Türkiye. I love crochet, knitting, reading, nature. Colours make me happy.” Indeed, those colors make me happy as well! Here are this week’s shares:

ceyhan65 crochet coasters doilies ceyhan65 crochet squares

ceyhan65 crochet yellow cushion ceyhan65 granny square crochet ceyhan65 granny square crochet blanket

New This Week

I’m always thrilled each week when new people join in the fun with their crochet-related tags. This week we’re welcoming ten new IGers:

above_rubys who shared two crochet hats and some beautiful textured crochet:

above_rubys crochet cowboy hat The crochet cowboy hat reminds me of the hard crochet by Mark Dittrick!

above_rubys crochet lamb hat above_rubys crochet texture

cynthiafinney with a crochet shawlette WIP

cynthiafinney crochet shawlette

gfearon with a crochet doily (blocking and blocked):

gfearon crochet blocking gfearon crochet doily

jensalittleloopy with an amigurumi Baymax:

jensalittleloopy crochet Baymax

kurtgulten with some lovely colorful v-stitch crochet:

kurtgulten crochet

mazlayley with a crochet blanket and buttoned crochet cowl:

mazlayley crochet blanket mazlayley crochet button cowl

mctoula with crochet blankets:

mctoula crochet blanket mctoula crochet blanket 2

the_yarn_artisan with a cute crochet kids’ blouse:

the_yarn_artisan crochet blouse

topomaga_instamamme with a crochet cowl and crochet top:

topomaga_instamamme crochet cowl topomaga_instamamme crochet top

xtinerat with some colorful crochet details, a great cowl and a yarn wreath:

xtinerat colorful crochet

xtinerat crochet cowl

xtinerat yarn wreath

Previously Featured IGers

These crocheters have previously been in the featured spot and I’m thrilled that they continue to share their crochet work with us:

Crochet booties, blankets and broomstick lace from audra_hooknowl:

audra_hooknowl blue crochet booties audra_hooknowl broomstick lace crochet audra_hooknowl crochet baby blanket audra_hooknowl crochet booties

Christmas crochet and a crochet cowl from bechancer:

bechancer crochet chirstmas tree bechancer crochet christmas bechancer crochet cowl

Crochet dolls and squares from crochetingthruchronicdiseases:

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet voodoo doll crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet Army of Darkness crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet squares

Crochet granny squares blanket and adorable teapot cozy from cuteashook:

cuteashook crochet blanket cuteashook crochet granny squares

cuteashook crochet teapot cozy

Crochet blanket and pincushion from ektelykke:

ektelykke crochet blanket ektelykke crochet blankets ektelykke crochet pincushion

Crochet smoothie hats and poppy flower from forever__autumn__:

forever_autumn crochet smoothie hats

forever_autumn crochet poppy

Crochet hat and crochet sweater from gigididthis:

gigididthis crochet hat gigididthis crochet sweater

Crochet blankets from holly_pips:

holly_pips crochet blanket holly_pips crochet blanket squares holly_pips crochet blue blanket holly_pips crochet blue vstitch

Crochet blanket, Minion hat and watermelon garland from itsjustcrochet:

itsjustcrochet crochet blanket squares itsjustcrochet crochet minion hat itsjustcrochet crochet watermelon garland

Crochet mandalas and mason jar doilies by lisesolvang:

lisesolvang crochet mandalas lisesolvang crochet mason jar doilies

Crochet garland and motifs from missmotherhook:

missmotherhook colorful crochet missmotherhook crochet garland missmotherhook crochet motifs

Braided cable crochet hat and Sheepjes CAL crochet squares from stephaniedavies:

stephaniedavies crochet CAL squares stephaniedavies crochet hat stephaniedavies crochet hat cables stephaniedavies crochet square stephaniedavies crochet square detail stephaniedavies crochet squares stephaniedavies sheepjescal crochet

Crochet blanket and accessories from sweet_sharna_makes:

sweet_sharna_makes crochet cowl sweet_sharna_makes crochet ribbed hat sweet_sharna_makes crochet squares sweet_sharna_makes pink crochet sweet_sharna_makes red crochet

Crochet alphabet letters and fingerless gloves from woolyana:

woolyana crochet alphabet woolyana crochet fingerless gloves

And More

And these are some other great IGers who haven’t been featured, yet, but who regularly share with us and will get their spot in the sunshine as soon as I can! Thanks to everyone for sharing your beautiful work!

Crochet feeties, blanket and giraffes from amigurumi_pieceofcake:

amigurumi_pieceof cake crochet baby amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet blanket amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet giraffe

amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet giraffe

Crochet autumn leaves from bluebirdsunshine:

bluebirdsunshine crochet autumn leaves

Crochet tooth fairy pillow and crochet hat from caseyplusthree:

caeyplusthree crochet tooth fairy pillow caseyplusthree crochet amigurumi caseyplusthree crochet hat caseyplusthree crochet hat stripes

Multistrand crochet from classybird28:

classybird28 crochet

Colorful crochet from colomotera:

colomotera crochet colomotera crochet blooming cushion colomotera crochet colors blanket

Crochet blanket, meditation rug and more from corazonalsol:

corazonalsol crochet meditation rug corazonalsol crochet cushion covers and garlands corazonalsol crochet blanket

Crochet blanket from cozamundo:

cozamundo crochet blanket

Crochet denim and doily drugs from crochetinpaternoster:

crochetinpaternoster crochet doily rugs crochetinpaternoster denim crochet rug

Crochet bird from designsbydohdoh:

designsbydohdoh crochet bird

Crochet WIPs from forestflowerdesigns:

forestflowerdesigns crochet

forestflowerdesigns crochet project

Crochet squares from franloveswool:

franloveswool crochet squares

Crochet blanket squares from hanrosieg:

hanrosieg crochet blanket squares hanrosieg crochet motif hanrosieg crochet squares

Crochet hats from heartmadebeanies:

heartmadebeanies crochet hat heartmadebeanies pom crochet hat

Crochet baby sandals, crown and ice cream garland from littlefoxcrochet:

littlefoxcrochet crochet barefoot baby sandals littlefoxcrochet crochet crown littlefoxcrochet crochet ice cream garland

Crochet cardi, pumpkin and rainbow chevron blanket from loucamp:

loucamp crochet cardigan loucamp crochet pumpkin loucamp rainbow chevron crochet

Crochet pumpkin hat from make_the_nest:

make_the_nest crochet pumpkin make_the_nest crochet pumpkin hat make_the_nest crochet pumpkin hats

Crochet budgies and succulents from oakherder:

oakherder crochet budgies oakherder crochet budgies 2

oakherder crochet succulents

Crochet jumper and crochet collage from poppymaycrochet:

poppymaycrochet crochet jumper poppymaycrochet crochet collage

Crochet cowl, pumpkin hat and cross stitch work from priscillablain:

priscillablain crochet cowl priscillablain crochet pumpkin hat priscillablain crochet and crossstitch

Crochet blanket gift from rachconcan:

rachconcan crochet Christmas blanket

Crochet dinosaur hat from s.s.strange:

s.s.strange crochet dinosaur hat s.s.strange crochet hat

Crochet airplane from stinaross87:

stinaross87 crochet plane

Crochet hat from travelingchic04:

travelinchic04 crochet hat

My Crochet on Instagram

This week was spent mostly working on a post stitch crochet blanket that’s going to be a Christmas gift so there are a lot of photos of that. You’ll also see a fuzzy sequined crochet cowl, a coffee cup cozy that was a sweet gift and a vintage yarn label.

post stitch crochet blanket 6 post stitch crochet blanket 5 post stitch crochet blanket 4 post stitch crochet blanket 3 post stitch crochet blanket 2 post stitch crochet blanket post stitch crochet blanket with puppy vintage yarn label fuzzy crochet cowl yarn fuzzy crochet cowl crochet coffee cup cozy

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