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Sundays on Crochet Concupiscence are when we celebrate the best crochet on Instagram. Hopefully this massive roundup inspires you! Want a chance to be featured here? Join me on Instagram and tag your crochet related photos each week with #crochetconcupiscence or #crochetsavedmylife.

Your Crochet on Instagram

Featured Instagrammer

This week’s featured Instagrammer is itsjustcrochet. UK mom of three Caroline May Allen shares tons and tons of pictures of beautiful crochet here along with the occasional shot of family or other things from life. Check out her Etsy shop. I love the variation in her colors, stitches and project types. This week she shared with us:

itsjustcrochet crochet itsjustcrochet crochet circle
itsjustcrochet crochet circle square itsjustcrochet crochet colorful granny itsjustcrochet crochet pink square itsjustcrochet crochet ribbing itsjustcrochet crochet square itsjustcrochet crochet wip itsjustcrochet granny square crochet colors

New This Week

I’m always thrilled each week when new people join in the fun with their crochet-related tags. This week we’re welcoming battaniyedesign, il354 and mckaycrochet.

battanitedesign crochet Love the colors in the work from battaniyedesign

il354 crochet shawl Crochet floral shawl from il354

mckaycrochet crochet flowers Crochet flowers and colorful crochet granny blanket from mckaycrochet

mckaycrochet crochet granny blanket

Previously Featured IGers

These crocheters have previously been in the featured spot and I’m thrilled that they continue to share their crochet work with us:

Crochet shoes and doily from Audra Hook_nowl:

audra_hooknowl crochet booties audra_hooknowl crochet boots audra_hooknowl crochet doily audra_hooknowl crochet doily blue audra_hooknowl crochet green slippers audra_hooknowl crochet slippers audra_hooknowl crochet slippers pink audra_hooknowl loopy crochet

Crochet flowers, pie and stitch practice from bechancer. The stitch practice is from the free online class Amazing Crochet Textures by Drew Emborsky.

bechancer crochet pie bechancer crochet flowers bechancer crochet emborsky

Crochet shawls and fingerless gloves from bethshananne:

bethshananne crochet shawl bethshananne crochet shawl and gloves

Crochet pillow from caswelljones:

caswelljones crochet pillow

From crochetingthruchronicdiseases:

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet 2 crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet red

Amigurumi crochet for mobile and more from cuteashook:

cuteashook amigurumi crochet cuteashook colorful crochet cuteashook crochet dinosaur cuteashook crochet mobile cuteashook ripple crochet

Colorful crochet from ektelykke:

ektellykke crochet breast cancer ektelykke crochet colors ektelykke crochet wip ektelykke kitty on crochet ekteylkke crochet color hexagon

Crochet blankets and hats from forever__autumn__:

forever_autumn crochet blanket forever_autumn crochet blanket 2 forever_autumn crochet finished blanket forever_autumn crochet hat forever_autumn crochet pink hat

Crochet hat, crochet cowl and more from gigididthis:

gigididthis crochet cowl gigididthis crochet hat gigididthis crochet stitches gigididthis crochet v stitch

Crochet owl and crochet hat from holly_pips:

holly_pips crochet owl 2 holly_pips crochet owl holly_pips crochet hat holly_pips crochet wip

Mixed media crochet art from lisesolvang:

lisesolvang crochet art lisesolvang crochet doll

Crochet hat, blanket and slippers from missmotherhook:

missmotherhook crochet missmotherhook crochet blanket missmotherhook crochet hat missmotherhook crochet hat set missmotherhook crochet slippers missmotherhook crochet slippers side missmotherhook crochet slippers white missmotherhook

Tons of amazing crochet goodies this week from sweet_sharna_makes:

sweet_sharna_makes crochet sweet_sharna_makes crochet amigurumi sweet_sharna_makes crochet blanket sweet_sharna_makes crochet blanket squares sweet_sharna_makes crochet bunting sweet_sharna_makes crochet cowl sweet_sharna_makes crochet cowl 2 sweet_sharna_makes crochet cushions sweet_sharna_makes crochet doll hat sweet_sharna_makes crochet pumpkin sweet_sharna_makes crochet sandals sweet_sharna_makes crochet squares sweet_sharna_makes granny square crochet Crochet boot cuffs and coin purses from woolyana:

woolyana crochet boot cuffs woolyana crochet coin purse

And More

And these are some other great IGers who haven’t been featured, yet, but who regularly share with us and will get their spot in the sunshine as soon as I can! Thanks to everyone for sharing your beautiful work!

Crochet owl and snowman from caseyplusthree:

caseyplusthree crochet owl caseyplusthree crochet snowman

Colorful crochet from ceyhan65:

ceyhan65 crochet

Crochet motifs from corazonalsol:

corazonalsol crochet circle corazonalsol crochet squares corazonalsol crochet triangles

Crochet hat from creativeglo13:

creativeglo13 crochet hat

Rainbow crochet and crochet bracelet from forestflowerdesigns:

forestflowerdesigns crochet bracelet forestflowerdesigns rainbow crochet

Crochet pie, ghost and more from Franloveswool:

franloveswool crochet ghost halloween franloveswool crochet pie franloveswool doily crochet

Crochet squares from hanrosieg:

hanrosieg crochet hanrosieg crochet square 2 hanrosieg crochet squares hanrosieg granny crochet

Crochet hats from heartmadebeanies:

heartmadebeanies crochet hat heartmadebeanies crochet hat 2 heartmadebeanies crochet hat 3

Crochet squares from love_to_l00p:

love_2_l00p crochet squares

Crochet devil girl from magneticmary:

magnetimary crochet devil

Crochet squares from make_the_nest:

make_the_nest crochet squares

Crochet succulents from oakherder using planetjune crochet patterns:

oakherder crochet succulents oakherder crochet succulents 2

Crochet blanket WIP from s.s.strange:

s.s.strange crochet blanket s.s.strange crochet wips

Lots of beautiful crochet work this week from stephaniedavies:

stehpaniedavies crochet african flowers stephanie davies crochet flowers hat stephaniedavies crochet stephaniedavies crochet blanket wip stephaniedavies crochet blue stephaniedavies crochet hat stephaniedavies crochet square stephaniedavies crochet squares stephaniedavies crochet top

Crochet caterpillar from stinaross87:

stinaross87 crochet caterpillar

Crochet candy corn and crochet pumpkin from valerieburns:

valerieburns crochet candy corn valerieburns crochet pumpkin

My Crochet on Instagram

Here’s some of what I shared this week in crochet:

hyperbolic crochet 2

puppy crochet blankets hyperbolic crochet crochet skirt puppy yarn ewoodstory crochet frame puppy on post stitch crochet crochet blue blanket crochet socks post stitch crochet

Join me on Instagram.


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