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Link love is my way of giving back to the crochet community by highlighting the great work out there each week from crochet bloggers, designers, artists and more. Here are this week’s links …

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Sponsor Love

crochet blog

A shout out to one of my sponsors this month: Jessie At Home. She has terrific crochet patterns for free and for sale as well as lots of other inspiration on her blog.

Something Special


In case you missed the announcement last week, I just wanted to let you know that I’m the new Crochet Expert. Click here to find out more and see what I have planned for that site. My first post was a roundup of 25 autumn crochet patterns but there’s a lot more to come.

Crochet Quote

The kind woman wasn’t quite sure when she had lost it. It — her favorite crochet hook — the one she had found in her mother’s basket when she was 9, the blue one with the scratched handle, tried and true 5mm… was lost. She had searched the folds of the couch. Her purse offered only crumpled receipts and gum wrappers. None of her project bags harbored the missing hook. Who can go without a 5mm hook? No one, of course. With a sad sigh of resignation, she made a plan to visit the yarn store to pick up a new one the next day.” – From the beginning of the first short story in a new crochet series from Illuminate Crochet

Crochet Art

crochet art

@knithacker shares this “3×3 square made by Scrappy Annie who says, “this shows the imprisonment of the Wolverhampton Suffragette, Emma Sproson.” Knitted, crocheted and knotted background with added applique of thread and painted hand made paper.”

crochet art

Crochet artist Nathan Vincent has a new exhibit this week at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York called Masculin Feminin

mandy greer crochet

HuffPo wrote about the New Mandy Greer crochet art exhibit

yarnbomb art

More than 100 people used about six miles of red yarn to “yarn bomb” the Smithsonian, to cover the Washington, D.C., museum’s castle garden and gates, to promote “Perspectives,” a new exhibition by Japanese contemporary artist Chiharu Shiota. via @jenniavins @qz

crochet caravan

Greedy for Colour shares her crochet caravan. Click over to see the inside – adorable!!

yarnbomb sticks

Beautiful yarn bombed sticks by @stephradiate made for July 2014 issue of Your Family magazine

I love crochet stop motion videos and was thrilled to spot this one in a recent roundup from @craftypod of “things to watch while stitching“. YES!

Crochet Books

crochet book

@crochetkitten reviews Open Weave Fashions by @hotlavacrochet

tunisian crochet baby

@UCrafter has a mini-interview with Sharon Silverman about Tunisian Crochet for Baby. My own stop on this blog tour will be September 19th and will include a guest post from the author.

laurdina reddig crochet book

@recrochetions is on a book tour and will be in the Bay Area the weekend of September 18th including a stop at Exclamation Point yarn store in Santa Clara on 9/20

Crochet Designers

crochet stars

Congrats to crochet designer @twinkiechan who was on the “meet the stars” page online @MichaelsStores alongside Betsey Johnson, Isaac Mizrahi and Martha Stewart. Awesome!

crochet blanket

@SimplyCrochet_ interviews @warmpixie

Crochet Fashion

crochet mittens

I’m a little in love with these convertible crochet mitts that go from fingerless to mittens.

crochet necklace

Silk crochet necklace – fair trade item made by Bolivian crochet artists with handmade Ethiopian beads.

Crochet Patterns

crochet plant pattern

Spiral crochet plant holder free pattern from The Inspired Wren spotted thanks to @craftgossip

crochet flower patttern

Free crochet pattern for flower fabric from My Crochet Projects spotted via @creativejmom

crochet scarf pattern

Free crochet scarf pattern from @mooglyblog

crochet shawl pattern

Crochet shawl free pattern from @JessieAt_Home

crochet cowl pattern

Free chunky crochet cowl pattern from @fiberflux

crochet hat pattern

Downtown Abbey Inspired Crochet Cloche Hat Pattern for Sale from Hopeful Honey

crochet hat pattern

Lattice Premie Hat Free Crochet Pattern from JR Crochet

crochet beanie pattern

Autumn crochet beanie free pattern from @ElkStudio_

crochet pillow pattern

Popcorn and lace crochet pillow pattern for sale from My Rose Valley

crochet blanket pattern

Diamond eyelet crochet blanket pattern for sale from @crochetspot

crochet bandaid pattern

Bandaid free crochet pattern from @repeatcrafterme

crochet mushroom pattern

Crochet mushroom free pattern from @annemariesblog

crochet bear

Gift pocket bear free crochet pattern from @UCrafter

Crochet Tutorials

crochet tutorial

Stripey crochet placemat tutorial from [email protected]

crochet braids

How to Braid Crochet Loops from @mooglyblog

Crochet Tips

crochet turning chain

3 ways to avoid the dc turning chain gap from @feltedbutton

Crochet News

crochet award

Patsy Jones won the Grand Champion prize at the Crochet Club of Middle Georgia’s Annual Achievement Day. She has been crocheting for almost 70 years. See Q&A.

Yarn Stuff


@IDALifestyle shares a new 100% wool yarn called Annell Malmedy, available in 26 colors

neon yarn

Little Woolie is now stocking neon colors of Zara by Filatura di Crosa yarn

rainbow yarn

@AshleyAnneScott was featured on USA Today in an article that begins, “Scott doesn’t just want to make beautiful fibers; she also wants to help preserve the nation’s rare sheep breeds and help the American rancher and small-business owner.”

yarn review

Illuminate Crochet reviews Mountain Colors Twizzle Yarn


Haafner shared some beautiful yarn photos of natural fibers and muted colors

Other Crafty Things

rag rug

Rag Rug DIY Tutorial from Artistic Endeavors 101

iliad stitching

Classics student and artist Silvie Kilgallon is attempting to stitch all twenty-four books of Homer’s Illiad.” via @leanneprain

Special Thanks


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  1. StephanieDavies Reply

    Thanks for sharing my yarn bombed sticks.
    These particular ones aren’t the sticks I did for the magazine though, they were a commission for one of the ladies who works for the magazine, after she saw the sticks that appeared in the July issue ;)

  2. CrochetBlogger Reply

    StephanieDavies stephradiate Thanks for clarifying. I do remember reading that and then must-ve blocked it from my mind as I wrote it up for link love. I really love these … such an inspiring project idea.

  3. CrochetBlogger UCrafter ReCrochetions MichaelsStores twinkiechan SimplyCrochet_ CraftGossip Thanks for the Link Love!

  4. LeannePrain Reply

    CrochetBlogger I OWE you an email. Will be responding later today! Trying to get my act together with all of the things before the tour.

  5. yarnaddict411 Reply

    Hey Kathryn

    Just stopped by to see whats new. Missed ya last month. Spent most of it in the hospital ultimately had to undergo surgery. they removed that rather huge tumor in my neck and half of my thyroid. One would think that would have put a stop in my crochet but, I fooled them, I took it with me. lol It kept me calm the whole time and passed the time as the long hours passed. I made a few beanies for donation and even a much needed hanging kitchen hand towel as we only had the one. Now I am home again and, yep, crocheting again. lol Making a hat and getting ready to make some scarves too, I hope. I got a request for 10 donations hats and one personal one. I learned a different technique for making hats while in the hospital this last time too. I still am very thankful to you and your followers for all the support you have passed my way. I stopped by to down load one of the preemie hats patterns. Gonna get some yarn to make some I think on Friday. Well, Thanks to everyone and Yarn On. your friend, YarnAddict411 or just Joe. lol Have a great day!

  6. CrochetBlogger Reply

    yarnaddict411 So glad that you were able to take your crochet with you!

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  10. Pauline Stancil Reply

    How can I get the pattern for the little camper (Rosie), I love her!!!!

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